Preview: 36ers v Cats (16/11/12)

Cam Tovey contemplates whether to jack up an ill-advised 3 or pass it. Guess which one he chose

I hope you're sitting down while you're reading this because I'm about to make a massive statement. If you're standing, please sit down. If you're sitting, lean back into your chair and make sure you're not wearing a cap in case your head explodes.

Tomorrow night's game between Adelaide and Perth is going to be a massive game for both teams.

You were warned.

A win for Adelaide will lead to a lot of belief in them as a legit team. It will make it back-to-back wins for the first time this season. A loss  will add weight to the arguement that Perth was simply knackered last week and hanging out to get home. While it's a big game for Adelaide, it's a much bigger night for Perth. The Cats play their first game in their new, bigger home and their first at home for the season.

So who wins ?

The case for Adelaide 
Adelaide beat Perth last week and beat them in Perth twice last year. There's no fear playing Perth in Perth.  Adelaide should have learned a few things last week, such as...

-The offense flows best when they go to DJ down low early and often. He must be the focal point on offense.
-CJ Massingale does have game
-Nathan Crosswell still has some gas in the tank
-Brad Robbins and Shawn Redhage are dirty,dirty men

Perth will be now have respect for Massingale and will play him closer attention. He won't score 15 in a quarter again. If Adelaide can hit it's free throws and the three at a better clip, there's no reason they can't make it 2 from 2 versus Perth. Despite Perth being back home, there will still be lingering travel weariness. Don't forget they were only in Adelaide five days earlier.

The case for Perth 
Home crowd. New arena. First home game for the year. Tick. Tick. Tick.Perth shot 36% from the field, 17% from the three point line and a horrendous 41% from the free throw line. I doubt they'll have a return as bad as that for the rest of the year. Hire shot 1 of 8. Redhage 2 of 10. They only scored 8 points in the final quarter. Yep, this is a team that will be happy to be home. Win and all will be well in the west. Lose and some Cats fans will be nervous about that 57 year playoff streak.

Last week I tipped Perth and they lost. I'm up for another reverse jinx.

My tip: Perth by 9 



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