Player Of The Week? Time To Go

When I got home from my wild "Daniel Johnson: Player Of The Week" celebrations earlier this week, I had a sobering thought- is the "Player Of The Week" something to get excited about?

This isn't having a dig at DJ's achievement, more so at the absurdity of having a "Player Of The Week" award when more often than not the player has only featured in one game. Considering there's only eight teams in the league and only four games played most rounds, it takes from a pretty small "sample size". The award is more about keeping the league in the media and putting the spotlight on it's "stars" but surely this could be done in other ways. I'd scarp the "Player Of The Week" and  put the emphasis back on "Player Of The Month" and make a bigger deal of that.

Thinking outside the box, what about if the league hooked up with a couple of NBA teams and gave each player who'd won a "Player Of The Month" a guaranteed spot on a summer league roster. These players would also get a chance at some private workouts with assistant coaches/scouts who'd give them some tips on how to improve their game. Imagine if Adelaide fans knew DJ was guaranteed a roster spot on a summer league team because of his award. There would be huge interest from Adelaide fans who'd follow his box scores and reports. What if it led to a contract? This would be lucrative to imports who are busting to get into "The Show" and would make our league stand out from the crowd a bit.

As it stands, the award means very little and this is a chance at creating an award that would create a real buzz around the league and wider sports community.

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