Danger Game (Preview: Adelaide v Townsville 30/11/12)

The resurgent 36ers take on the winless Crocodiles in a "must-win" game tomorrow night at The Swamp. It's a must win for Adelaide, who need a "should win" road game under their belt to continue to build credibility. Boti Nagy pointed out in Tuesday's "Adelaide Now" article that outside Perth, the 36ers have struggled to pull off impressive road wins. Townsville is 0-10, but a win in The Swamp against a desperate Townsville that has just added Luke Nevill will be a good win. Adelaide backs up two days later against Sydney back in Adelaide and must give this game (and their opponent) the respect deserved. Townsville is running out of changes to make, having sacked three two imports, seeing it's CEO walk, bringing in Gary Ervin and Luke Nevill and reducing it's cheerleader squad.

So who wins?

It is a "should win" for Adelaide, who have continued to improve as the season progresses (except for that Tigers embarrassment). DJ is getting back to form, Massingale and Crosswell are night and day from their early season form and Petrie is firming as the recruit of the year. Once Cadee and Weigh are fully comfortable in their roles this team should be a serious contender.

Townsville has some good names on paper but hasn't been able to put it together on the court. They've been massively hampered by the output from Allen ( 6pts, 3 reb) and Abney (4pts, 3 reb). The Cedar twins are shooting under 27% for the season. Olympian Peter Crawfords is averaging 10points, 2 rebounds and 1 assist while shooting 36%. Most disappointing though has been Gary Ervin, who's averaging 14, 2 and 4 while shooting the three at 23%. He's been their best, but he's yet to completely impose himself on a game.
Nevill will help and is a massive upgrade from Abney, unfortunately though his first game is against the best equipped player (Big Luke) to match him.

Adelaide should, and must, win. A win here gives it a nice three win streak with the chance to make it four sunday.

Prediction: Adelaide by 9

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