We're back, baby! (Review: 36ers v Taipans 20/10/12)

The 36ers got their season back on track with a hard-fought 85-81 win over Cairns tonight at Adelaide Arena. The win sees Adelaide move to 2-1 for the season and 2-0 at home. It wasn't easy but in the end Adelaide had too many answers for Cairns.

The Taipans started strong and led 19-16 after the first quarter. Cam Tragardh scored 6 in the quarter and looked dangerous and was backed up by Wilson and Loughton with 4.  Adelaide was struggling outside of Schenscher, who led the team with 9. Creek and Weigh were the only other 36ers to score a field goal and the team shot a poor 4/8 form the charity stripe.

Cairns continued to build it's lead on the back of some hot shooting by Clint Steindl and was up 30-22 at the 6:15 minute mark of the 2nd quarter. Then Jason Cadee entered the game. He sparked a 12-7 run that got Adelaide right back into the game and at the end of the half Adelaide trailed by one, 41-42.

Adelaide's momentum continued in the 3rd and the team with firing on all cylinders, piling up 24pts. Seven players contributed to the scoreboard for the quarter, led by Jason Cadee with 5. The Taipans struggled and looked like they might fade out in the last quarter. Wrong.

The Taipans won the quarter on the scoreboard, 21-20, but it wasn't enough to make up for the damaging 3rd quarter. Jamar Wilson (or "Jameer" as the guy next to me kept yelling, generally followed by derogatory words) was equally brilliant, equally frustrating. He made some great 1-on-3 moves but too often it turned into a one man show. Still, going by some of his efforts you could hardly blame him for continuing to try. He racked up 7pts for the quarter but committed 4 turnovers, essentially negating his hard-earned baskets. Adelaide jumped on the backs of Adam Gibson (6pts for the qtr) and  DJ (7pts for the qtr) and were rewarded with a well earned win.

Some thoughts on the game.................

-Jamar Wilson was called for a tech foul interfering with a ref. He had fallen in the backcourt and as he entered Adelaide's halfcourt he tried to get to Adam Gibson and pushed the ref out of the way to get to him. Will be interesting to see what comes of it this week.

-Regular readers of my blog will know I'm not a ref basher but it's fair to say there were a few "noodle scratchers" tonight. One particular ref seemed to be involved in most of them and will likely be reviewed this week.

-I wrote a timely piece this week on Jason Cadee and he certainly did his bit to pack up my point of being far more damaging when he's at the 1. Look at these numbers

Final Line- 9pts, 7 assists, 3 boards (31:37 min)
Playing point (with Gibson off)- 2pts, 5 assists, 0 boards (6:29 min)
Playing with Gibson (as the 2)- 7pts, 2 assists, 3 boards (25:08 min)

On paper, those numbers make sense. When he plays point, he looks for others, when he plays the 2, he looks to score more and has less of the ball. Anyone who watched the game though will know how much he pushed the ball and looked for others when he was in control. He created two easy baskets for Schensch at the end of the first quarter and in the 3rd got Creek and Petrie some nice open looks too. 5 assists in a 6 minute stretch is unbelievable, outdoing the 6 he got in 12 minutes here as an opponent last season. This isn't saying he's better at the point than Gibbo, more so that Adelaide needs to finely tune how it rotates the backcourt to get maximum efficiency from Gibbo (clearly best as a crunch time point) and Cadee (a spark plug for the offense). He also looked to get Massingale going to but CJ didn't do his part ( ie hitting shots).

Player Ratings

Adam Gibson- 21pts (8/15), 5 boards, 2 assists. Money in the 4th quarter with some key baskets and free throws. Key contributor. 7.5/10

Steve Weigh- 11pts (4/8), 6 boards, 2 assists. Played his role and took a back seat. A solid performance with some key moments. 6.5/10

Jason Cadee- 9pts(3/7), 3 boards, 7 assists. Sparked 2 important runs when moved to the point. Clarke needs to work out how to best work him and Gibbo together. 7/10

CJ Massingale- 0pts (0/3), 0 boards, 0 assists. Does anyone have Craig Winder's email address? Um, this is getting awkward. Got 3 good looks tonight and all of them were way off.. He won't see November unless he pulls something big out. Looks like Clarke's biggest import mistake yet.  0/10

Luke Schenscher- 15pts (7/12), 10 boards, 2 assists. His team mates looked for him early and once he got going he started to like the player Adelaide was hoping he'd be. Cadee assisted him three times at the end of the first quarter which clearly helped his confidence. His "give and go" to Peach was a ripper. Great numbers for only 24 minutes. 7.5/10

Anthony Petrie- 7pts (3/9), 6 boards, 1 assist. Not his best game but luckily Big Luke had a good one. His worst shooting effort as a 36er and compiled 6 turnovers. 4.5/10

Daniel Johnson- 16pts (6/16), 6 boards, 4 assists. A poor game until his key contribution in the 4th.  Did his bit. 7/10

Mitch Creek- 6pts (2/3), 4 boards, 0 assists. A nice inside basket and a 3 were his highlights, plus a nice steal. Only got 15 minutes but was handy. 5.5/10

Nathan Crosswell- 0pts (0/0), 0 boards, 0 assists. Got 3 minutes as the shooting guard in the 2nd then sat the rest of the game. Clarke needs to work out how and where to use him. Can I suggest not as a shooting guard? 0/10

Shane Edwards- 8pts (1/8), 3 boards, 1 assist. Worked hard but missed too many inside baskets. Got 5 steals. 5/10

Kerry Williams- 0pts (0/0), 0 boards, 1 assist. Massingale and Crosswell rolled into one. 10 minutes of PT for an assist and 3 fouls. 0.5/10

Cam Gliddon- 0pts (0/4), 3 boards, 1 assist. Poor return for 19 minutes. 2.5/10

Jamar Wilson- 16pts (5/12), 7 boards, 2 assists. Did what he could but at times made very poor choices. 4 turnovers (all in the 4th) were costly. Maybe that early tech melted his brain. 7.5/10

Shaun Bruce- 4pts (1/1), 0 boards, 1 assists. Had a small cameo and looked ok. One to watch.  2.5/10

Brad Hill- 7pts (3/7), 5 boards, 3 assists. Had moments but went missing at times. 6/10

Clint Steindl- 19pts (6/11), 3 boards, 3 assists. Was on fire in the 2nd with some big 3's. Took 9 of them (hitting 5) and they all looked good. Exciting talent. 7.5/10

Cam Tragardh- 14pts (7/14), 7 boards, 1 assist. Was a handful all night and probably should have been better utilised by Wilson in the 4th. 7.5/10

Alex Loughton- 16pts (6/10), 3 boards, 0 assists. Kept the scoreboard ticking without truly imposing himself. 7/10

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