The Numbers: Adelaide vs New Zealand (12/10/12)

Each week I'll be following up game reports with pieces called "The Numbers". These stories will take a closer look at some of the more interesting stats from the 36ers most recent game and seeing what we can learn.

Here's some of the interesting stats from friday's game

Against Melbourne, Steve Weigh and DJ combined for 30 shot attempts, hitting 16 of them. Against New Zealand, they took 23 shots, hitting 10 of them. Weigh struggled to get the open looks he got last week but still hit 3 of 7 shots, including 2/3 from range. DJ still got his shots but was dealt with much more physically by the Breakers' bigs. Nothing was easy.  He hit 5/16 from the floor and was 0/2 from the 3pt line. Luckily he had his free throw eye in, hitting 5/5 (the rest of the team was 4/13 from the line). Petrie and Creek combined for 0/5 and everyone else who got to the line shot 50%.

I think many opposition teams will have take note that if you can frustrate DJ and work him over and guard the 3pt line, you'll go a long way to beating Adelaide.

Adelaide was smashed on the boards 49-32. The Breakers had 5 guys get 5 or more rebounds. Adelaide had 3. The main difference though wasn't down to Adelaide's bigs but Adelaide's smalls. Webster, Bruton, Corletto and Jackson pulled in 17 boards (8 offensive). Gibson, Cadee, Crosswell and Massingale pulled down 3 (1 offensive). Ouch. 

Outside Petrie, Adelaide will have growing concerns over the offensive return from CJ Massingale (0/1 over 2 games) and Nathan Crosswell (0/3 over 2 games). Mitch Creek is a different player at home vs on the road and must work on his consistency no matter the venue. Nathan Crosswell (1pt) was the only player besides Petrie to come off the bench and score on Friday, making it 2 weeks in a row only 7 players have hit the scoresheet.

Luke Schenscher has struggled and will need a big game soon. Cairn's presents a good opportunity for him as they have some bigs but not brutes and no-one over 7ft. CJ Massingale also needs some time and some open looks. The pressure will continue to build and Adelaide must roll the dice soon with him otherwise it might they'll have to consider an import "Plan B"

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