The Numbers: Adelaide vs Melbourne (7/10/12)

Each week I'll be following up game reports with pieces called "The Numbers". These stories will take a closer look at some of the more interesting stats from the 36ers most recent game and seeing what we can learn.

Here's some of the interesting stats from last week's games

Melbourne actually took 5 more shot attempts than Adelaide yet had less offensive rebounds and less defensive rebounds. Seems nearly impossible right? So how did they do it? They recorded 6 more steals and scored 12pts off "second chance points", as opposed to Adelaide's 7. In short- they made their steals and offensive boards count. Adelaide was far more lethal from the 3pt line than Melbourne, hitting  10/20 as opposed to 5/20 from Melbourne. Tigers fans can look to Tomlinson, Braswell, Rush and Lewis who hit a putrid 1/11 from range.

If it felt like Stephen Weigh was on-fire, you were right. He hit 8/12 from the field including an awesome 5/7 from the three point line. In fact 36ers fans have never seen such a good shooting night from Weigh since he's played for the club (min. 10 shots).

Melbourne came into the game with only 4 on the bench and this affected them in several ways. The reserves (Walker, Tomlinson, Lewis, Greer) all have different skills sets but besides Walker, all had poor nights. This was magnified when Chris "Bubbles" Goulding was ejected and Lucas "Sky" Walker was subbed out with an injury. To that point Walker had been a standout and if he'd started over Rush (5pts, 5 boards in 32 minutes) things may have been a little different. Walker scored 11 in 15 minutes, in the ballpark of Anthony Petrie's game (13pts, 2 boards). Mitch Creek also added 8pts and 6 boards in 19 valuable minutes, covering the lack of return from Crosswell and Massingale (combined 0pts, 1 reb, 2 ast in 21 minutes)

The only numbers Adelaide wouldn't have been thrilled with would be the turnovers (15) and the shooting of Luke Schenscher (1/7). The turnovers should drop as Adelaide gets more familiar with it's offense and each other and Schenscher won't have too many teams beat him up like Melbourne did. Plus the skyhook should start falling soon.

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