The Numbers: Adelaide vs Cairns (20/12/12)

Each week we'll take a closer look at some of the numbers from the 36ers most recent game. This week a few things stood out from the box score.

Adelaide shot 4/15. CJ (0/3), Peach (0/2) and JC (0/1) were the main offenders with Weigh and DJ both hitting 1/3. Creek hit 1/1 and Gibbo 1/2.

Adelaide did well to win the rebound count 40-31. Big Luke hauled in 10 and the other three main front court guys all added 6. Gibson and Cadee grabbed 8 between them with Creek pulling down 4. A much better effort on the boards and if anyone saw Perth in the last 5 minutes against Melbourne, you'll see the importance of "team" rebounding.

I thought Marty balanced the minutes very well in this game. We played 7 guys 15 minutes or more with CJ (7) and Crosswell (3) only getting backup minutes. Massingale was brought on at the perfect time and given his chance but he looked very shaky. Crosswell only got 3 minutes at the start of the 2nd quarter but was again used as the 2 guard. Which leads to my next point...

Nathan Crosswell has played 25:10 minutes across his 3 games this year but is surprisingly 3rd on the team for "+/-" numbers at +10. He was -5 against Cairns but +7 against NZ as part of the group that got the lead at the end of the 3rd quarter and +8 against the Tigers. I've not a fan of him and Gibson being on at the same time, especially when Crosswell plays the "2" instead of getting the ball-handling duties but their "+/-" together is  +11. Perhaps we should see more of Crossy and Gibbo???

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