Slipping Under The Radar

One 36er who has slipped under the radar this year has been small forward Stephen Weigh. Last year Weigh copped a lot of criticism from fans for things ranging from his haircut to the amount of playing time he got. Many also felt (me included) his minutes should have been better shared with Mitch Creek as Creek's "per 40 minutes" numbers were far superior. Let's look at Weigh's 2011-2012 stats compared to this year.

31.26 Minutes
39.5 FG%
34.6 3PT%
78.8 FT%
11.4 Pts
4.9 Rebounds
1.8 Assists
0.5 Steals
0.3 Blocks
2.6 Turnovers
2.4 Fouls

32.15 Minutes
55.6 FG%
61.5 3PT%
75 FT%
13.7 Pts
4.7 Rebounds
2.3 Assists
0.7 Steals
0 Blocks
0 Turnovers
1.7 Fouls

We're only 3 games in but his stats back up what we're seeing on court. Weigh has a clearer role this season which appears to be more as a spot up shooter as opposed to last year's role which was more as a "Mr Everything". Weigh played some 4 and 5 last year and at times tried to make something out of nothing whereas this year he is more taking what the defense gives. His shooting percentages are well up and he hasn't created a turnover, suggesting he's letting the game come to him. Sadly it appears even his patented "inside lob that goes about 4 feet above your team mates head" play has been a victim of Weigh's more controlled play. The 36ers offense still needs some tweaking but it's clear already the 36ers are a better team with Weigh having a clear front court role.

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