One of the additions you'll soon see on our site will be a "stats" page. Due to the lack of decent statistical data out there, I'll be doing my part by building a comprehensive stats log for the 36ers.

The first category I've built is the "+/-" data. If you're not familiar with "+/-", it basically lets you know which players and lineups have the most success on the scoreboard. It's not perfect, especially with a small sample range (ie 3 games), but over the season should be pretty reliable. It can especially harm or hurt bench guys, dependant on whether they mainly play with the starters or the second unit and if they feature heavily in games where the bench is cleared either during a big win or big loss. Here's how it looks by player over the first 3 games.

Creek +21
Johnson +18
Crosswell +10
Gibson +8
Weigh +7
Vasiljevic +2
Massingale 0
Petrie -1
Cadee -2
Schenscher -4

Based on that, you may conclude that our best 5 would be  Crosswell/Gibson/Creek/Weigh/Johnson. This lineup has only featured once, at the end of the Breakers game and finished with a "+/-" of 0 over 2:55 minutes.

Going on lineups, here's some things of note

Cadee/Gibson/Weigh/Johnson/Schenscher (32.38 minutes, +8 return)
Cadee/Gibson/Weigh/Petrie/Schenscher (14.25 minutes, -13 return
Cadee/Gibson/Weigh/Petrie/Johnson (8.21 minutes, -2 return)

Crosswell/Gibson/Creek/Petrie/Johnson (+15, 5.1 minutes together)
Cadee/Gibson/Creek/Weigh/Johnson (+9, 3.48 minutes together)
Cadee/Gibson/Weigh/Johnson/Schenscher (+8, 32.38 minutes together)

Cadee/Gibson/Weigh/Petrie/Schenscher (-13 return, 14.25 minutes together)
Crosswell/Gibson/Weigh/Petrie/Johnson (-8, 4.09 minutes together)
Cadee/Gibson/Creek/Johnson/Schenscher (-4, 2:35 minutes together)

Other things of note................

-32 different lineups used
-9 units have played less than a minute together
-The lineup I'd liked to see more of is Cadee/Creek/Weigh/Petrie/Johnson. They've only played 2.03 together for a "+/-" of 0

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