All-Star Game Is Back!

Boti Nagy announced in his "The Advertiser" column today that the NBL All-Star game is back, being held in Adelaide on December 22. While I'm glad it's being held here, I'm a little surprised it's not being held in Sydney or Melbourne. 36ers crowds have been well down on the glory years but perhaps this event and the improved form of Adelaide will see a near sellout crowd. If the event was being held in one of the bigger cities it would probably send a louder message that the league "is back". Not complaining though.

The format will be North (Townsville, Cairns, Sydney and Wollongong) vs South (Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, New Zealand). As I'm represented by the South I'd like to see this team represent the South.


Assuming though that the league won't go for that, I'd like to see this team trotted out

Starters:  Damian Martin, Cedric Jackson, Shawn Redhage, Daniel Johnson, Matt Knight
Bench: Kevin Lisch, Adam Gibson, Seth Scott, Mika Vukona, Tom Abercrombie

The North team might look something like this

Starters: Gary Ervin, Peter Crawford,  Darnell Lazare, Larry Davidson,  Cam Tragardh
Bench: Corin Henry, Jacob Holmes, Jamar Wilson, Oscar Forman, Todd Blanchfield

That would make for a pretty interesting game with the South team likely favouries.With the combination of shooters and quick guards you'd be guaranteed of a high tempo game with lots of 3's.

Yep, think I might even go...............

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