Aye Aye Captains

The 36ers yesterday announced their co-captains for 2012-2013 would be Nathan Crosswell and Adam Gibson. Crosswell was a standout leader in his debut season with Adelaide while the Gibson appointment is a good one, recognising the fact he's our best player and it can't hurt with convincing him to settle down in the city of churches long term. The vice-captain will be Anthony Petrie, who has obviously impressed in his short time with Adelaide. It's interesting that returning players Stephen Weigh and Mitch Creek have not been given official leadership roles. Weigh stood in as captain for the second half of last year when Ballinger and Crosswell went down with injuries. Creek is still young but showed no fear in challenging team mates when necessary and certainly seems to do and say the right things on and off the court.The team clearly lacked leadership at times last year and hopefully these appointments are a step in the right direction.

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