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It's been a quiet month or so for 36ers fans and then this week the team hit the news for a variety of reasons.

1. Petrie Joins The 36ers
Referred to as a "hard working player who can move out of the paint and hit shots from long range" (read: prefers playing outside than inside), Anthony Petrie joins the team on a 2yr contract (with an optional third year). Petrie will likely come off the bench and will be one of the best bigs the 36ers have had come off the bench in recent years. Petrie is a well-rounded player who should compliment the existing forwards well.

2. Adelaide Arena Future Uncertain
Due to Eddy Groves's financial woes, the Commonwealth Bank has seized the Adelaide Arena, making it's future uncertain. The picture should be clearer in the coming weeks and while it is sad to see the arena seized, it might not be all doom and gloom if basketball moves to the Entertainment Centre. I've got good memories of walking into the stadium but the thought of turning up to the Entertainment Centre to watch the 36ers holds a little more lustre.

3. 36ers Represented At The Olympics....Sort Of
Not counting coach Marty Clarke, the 36ers had a last minute addition to the Olympic team when they snatched Adam Gibson from the now defunct Gold Coast Blaze. Referred to as a "shooting powerhouse" in the team's media release today, Adam Gibson comes to the team on a 1yr deal (2nd year optional). While "shooting powerhouse" could be described as a stretch (41%FG, 32% 3PT last season), there's no doubt he's one of the best Aussie signings of the last decade for Adelaide. Gibson finished 2nd in the league in assists and in offense can take it to the basket, shoot from range or find the open man. He's also a solid defender, having won the "Best Defensive Player" award while with the South Dragons in 2009.

ROSTER SO FAR...............
With these 2 signings the 36ers roster is 80% complete. The team thus far is

Centres- Schenscher, Johnson
Forwards- Weigh, Petrie
Guards- Creek, Crosswell, Gibson, Cadee

It's doubtful the 36ers would have any money left to go for imports, making it likely they'd fill the 2 gaps with cheaper local options. Assuming the team trots out this lineup........

C- Schenscher
PF- Johnson
SF- Weigh
SG- Gibson
PG- Cadee

Bench- Crosswell (PG), Petrie (F), Creek (SG/SF)

I'd assume the two roles they'd need to fill are 3pt shooter (ie Darren Ng) and  a young guy who can play the 3 or 4. If the team can put that roster together they have done well to assemble a well balanced,local, young team.

Team Strengths: Two bigs who will trouble most teams offensively, plenty of ball handlers, versatility, bench strength, youth, front court flexibility

Team Weaknesses: Defense, backcourt size, 3pt shooting, reliance on a healthy Schenscher

I feel good about the names but a lot needs to come together. If..........

-Schensch stays healthy
-DJ, Weigh and Creek continue to improve
-Gibbo has a career year
-Cadee fulfils his potential

The team will be a real contender.

If the defense is as porous as last year and the DJ/Schensch frontcourt doesn't work, it could be a frustrating year. I'm hopeful it will come together but a lot will need to go right for the team to leapfrog Perth or New Zealand.

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  1. What I want to know is why on earth is Marty Clarke at the Olympics. Gibson seems like a good fit for the team. Ash


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