The Roster So Far...............

We're four months out from the real stuff but here's the 36ers roster to date.

PG- Cadee, Crosswell
SG- Creek
SF- Weigh
PF- Johnson
C- Schenscher

With 4 spots to fill I'd hope the team goes this way

SG- Import. Ideally we're after someone with plenty of international experience with some size and ability to score in bunches. Needs to be a solid scorer and a lockdown defender. Must have leadership skills.

SG- A local kid who can shoot the lights out. Must be a fan favourite. Ideally will have studied medicine and music.

PF- Import. The team has a challenge here. Will need to find an experienced player ie 26-28 willing to come off the bench. Above all must be a shot blocker and excellent help defender. Must be able to bang with the big bodies of the league. On offense needs to be content with no plays being run for him and be happy mopping up (kind of like Paul's Rogers season with us in 2002)

C- A local happy with a 10th man role and likely to only see time if there is foul or injury trouble. Must be able to step in and be a solid contributor if his number is called.

As I've said previously, I think the team has erred by adding Schenscher to a team with Johnson. If they work together,stay healthy and the team gets the imports right it will work anyway but I just worry about the team on D and what happens if the injury bug finds Big Luke again.

Time will tell.

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