Mitch is coming back................

The 36ers announced more good news for fans recently with the resigning of Mitch Creek to the club for a further 2 years. Creek is one of the most exciting locals in the league and seems close to a breakout year. He suffered a case of 2nd year blues this season for Adelaide but as long as the 36ers build the right team he should flourish, especially with a Boomers camp under his belt. Creek needs the following to happen to see him truly stamp himself in this league

1) Minutes. His minutes were spasmodic at best and he was shuffled between the starting lineup to the end of the bench during the year. The SG spot was loaded for the team and he often fell too far out of the rotation, especially when Darren Ng got going in the last quarter of the year. He needs to have a rough idea when he'll be coming in and consistent minutes (ie 15-25 per game)

2) Matchups. Creek's strength are his defensive skills and his athleticism in the open court. Marty Clarke must give him minutes in lineups that can run on offense and play fullcourt D.

3) Confidence. Creek clearly was hesitant with his outside shot at times but in the cool light of day his %'s weren't that bad. He shot 44.2% from the field, good for 4th on the team behind Simpson, Crosswell and DJ. Even his 3pt % was better than Balls and Herbie and within 4% of Warren and Ng. Clarke has to give him permission to take the open looks because as his range develops he'll get more respect from defenders and therefore more chances to drive to the hoop.

4) 6th man. Depending on how our final lineup looks, he'd likely flourish with a 6th man role where he's first off the bench and spells either Weigh or our SG and defends the opponents most dangerous threat from the 1-3 spots.

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