Luke Schenscher, Take 2

May 16, 2012 will go down in Adelaide's history as a monumental day. It will either be remembered as the day the 36ers added the key piece to another Adelaide dynasty or the day that began the downfall of Marty Clarke and the current 36ers leadership.

This will be Big Luke's second stint with the 36ers. He played for us in the 2008-2009 season and recorded averages of 16.9pts  and 10.8reb. He had some huge games....and some not so huge games. It's interesting when you look at Schensch's stats year-by-year since he left.

2009-2010 (Perth)- 10.0pts, 6.2reb per game
2010-2011 (Townsville)- 13.7pts, 6.3reb per game
2011-2012 (Townsville)- 10.4pts, 5.3reb per game

Per 40min last year he averaged 17.5pts and 8.9reb.

The jury is out as to whether he's a franchise player or not. It's assumed Adelaide paid him as if he is one and the way the team is being built puts the emphasis very heavily on him and DJ to dominate.

These are the problems I have with the signing...................
-He's 30. He's been signed for 2 years with the option for a 3rd year. With his signing and the re-signing of DJ the team is basically committed to the "Twin Towers" experiment for the next 2 years.
-I think he's still living a little off his "cup of coffee" in the NBA, which is now 5 years ago
-I think DJ was being groomed to be our "go to" guy in the post. Now it's likely his minutes will be reduced and he'll be forced a little more outside which will slow down his much needed growth as an inside player
-The Sixers need a defensive presence in the key. While he is 7"1, he averaged less than 1 block last year and only recorded more than 2 blocks twice. That should almost be impossible.
-Having him and DJ severely limits our flexibility. I don't think there's enough cash to get two dominant imports and there's every chance they'll only go for one and try to get Ballinger for cheap.
-A Weigh/DJ/Schenscher starting frontcourt could be a handful for opponents on offense. On D they could cause us major problems.
-He's had some injury issues in the past

I'm not writing this as a criticism of Luke in any way. He's made a nice career for himself and from all reports he's a top bloke. I just think the 36ers have made a mistake in how they are "fixing" the team. Time will tell.  I could be wrong and if the 36ers get two gun imports or a Newley/Ingles type it pretty much doesn't matter who else they get, they'd have to be a title threat.

Luke thrives being back home and becomes a "15 and 10" guy. DJ benefits of being able to mix it up outside a little more and being guarded from 18ft by  power forwards.

Schensch gets injured, leaving the team severely undersized and lacking firepower. Schensch plays awesome, but DJ and Weigh get disgruntled by having less shots.

I really, really, really hope it works because Schensch has had dominant games in the past and if he can produce that over a year the 36ers will be back in the playoffs (it is worth noting he was on the last 36ers team that made the playoffs). I'm just a little worried Adelaide has put all their eggs in one basket and it could go horribly wrong.

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  1. I am disgusted by this move. I was really looking forward to seeing the up and coming Wade Helliwell dominate next season. This will almost certainly eat into Wade's minutes. Ash


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