Cadee shacks up with the 36ers

The 36ers today announced they have signed Blaze PG Jason Cadee to a 2 year deal. He's not a big signing but this could be one of the best moves the 36ers have ever made. Cadee has done little in the league so far but consider the below...............

-John Rillie in this article from 2009 game him huge wraps, marking him as having a huge future
-In 2010 he suffered a horrible car accident in which he broke his pelvis. That was less than 2 years ago (read about it here) .
-Last season was his first full year in the league and he was backing up one of the best import point men in the league.
-He was selected to the extremely elite 2010 World Select team, which featured 2012 NBA rookies Enes Kanter and Tristan Thompson

Upside right?

He caught my eye in the game here on Nov 26 where he piled up 6 assists in under 12 minutes. In that display he showed a desire to find the open man and to look for others to score ahead of himself. He's got smarts, courage and talent to burn. There's not many other Aussie point guards I'd rather have on the roster.

I'm very curious to see the clubs plans for him though. I see 2 scenarios...........

1) Starting. A big ask for where he's come from but the team could form a nice nucleus if it goes down this path...

PG- Cadee
SG- Import
SF- Weigh
PF- Import

Bench- Creek, Crosswell, Ballinger, Ng, Veteran Big

If you line up Cadee with a big-time scorer at SG and a big bodied PF I like that lineup. Both imports would need to be excellent defenders with size. A Cadee/Ng/Creek/Ballinger/DJ lineup would give plenty of teams fits also.

2) Bench. Assuming the 36ers don't expect starting minutes out of Crosswell you would likely go down this route....

PG- Import
SG- Import
SF- Weigh
PF- Ballinger

Bench- Crosswell, Cadee, Creek, Ng, Veteran big

That presents 2 problems. (a) If you go two import guards that doesn't leave many minutes for Crosswell and Cadee. It also leaves you with no size on the bench.

Going on the above I've got to think they plan on giving Cadee the starting job and supporting him with Crosswell. A bit of a risk but I don't mind it. I've been all for a veteran import PG but this could work if they get the right 2 and 4 imports.

If the 36ers are planning on letting him run the show this is a bold move. If he's coming in to back up Crosswell or as a 2nd backup I'm not a fan, unless they plan on letting him get another full year under his belt, learning from Crosswell and then turning the team over to him in 2013-2014 (assuming he has a good year!)

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