Some thoughts on Boti's interview

I've had a great response through various mediums to the interview with Boti Nagy (read the full interview here). I thought I'd make some comments on some of his most interesting responses.

Boti mentioned a lot of things that went wrong for the 36ers, but I'll focus on this one

Chris Warren was brought in to play point guard. Now if suddenly he needed to be supported by Nathan Crosswell as the “executive” point guard and mentor, then, for the second year in succession, Marty and Mark erred in who they recruited. Last season they brought  in Craig Winder, who also was a good player but couldn’t really cut it as a point guard. So to repeat the same mistake – bring in someone not really cut out to do the job  but “we’ll make him a point guard” – is either arrogance, stupidity, an inability to learn from  past mistakes or a major miscalculation of whether the guy can actually run your team. I don’t know which it was but Warren could not run the 36ers.

This echoes what I've been saying to whoever will listen all year. It threw out team balance and weakened our defence.

I also agreed with his thoughts on the use of Weigh and Creek and the management of Helliwell. Haven't had much response on the reference to the bench tech vs Cairns. A very loaded statement.

This drew the most interest and talk from readers.

There were problems with Diamon and some in the 36ers hierarchy away from the games, which may explain some of his unusual court time allocations.
I am sure he enjoyed his time here but will be in no hurry to return as things remain.
Plus he has cracked the NBA now so I think his future may be in other directions that pay more $$$ anyway.
Diamon may be a moot point for 36ers fans as it now stands. And good luck to him.

I've received lots of feedback that Diamon wasn't a workhorse on the practice court. I'm surprised this didn't come up in their scouting (kind of like no-one mentioning or picking up Chris Warren is more a shooting guard, but I digress). In any case it's highly unlikely we'll see Diamon back in Adelaide next year.

Made the point very well.

Agreed. If we are talking about bringing in a floor leader – a la Darnell Mee – you bring in a seasoned playmaker, not a kid straight out of college or one who doesn’t play the position to start with.
Look at the direction Wilson, Jackson and Gill provided for their clubs compared with Chris.
I don’t envy the position he was put in.

My thinking is Marty was thinking he was going to unearth the next Ricky Grace (straight from college to NBL superstar), but Ricky Graces' are pretty few and far between and if they do make it, they'll go back to the US or Europe in most circumstances. In 2012 you go the veteran, team leader route who can have an immediate impact.

Probably the only point we would disagree on

No. Phil got it right with Darnell, KB and Willie Farley.
I might even give him Paul Maley and Matt Garrison.
Adam Ballinger was a proven player in the NBL when recruited and Dusty also had shown he could play before Phil recruited him.
I wouldn’t say the 36ers did all that well when Phil brought in Charles Thomas, Nick Horvath, Mike Chappell - all also players we already knew of.
Julius Hodge was good in Phil’s system and a disaster thereafter.
When Phil recruited Horvath, he and Steve Breheny had gone to the US in search of a player.
They should have done better, don’t you think?
So when you boil it down, KB, Willie and Julius were the “sight-unseen” imports the 36ers had during Phil’s time.
Not sure that should qualify Phil as a consultant.
The imports are crucial for sure. But you have to know what your Australian talent is before you can move there.
Like many, I thought having Marty as coach meant a pipeline into the best kids in the country and US college returnees.
Being brutal, we have DJ, Mitch and Weigh to show for two years.
In a three-year plan, surely you identify the core kids you want in Year 1 and build around them?
As we head into Year 3, who is still around from Year 1 and how many players have fallen by the wayside?
We’ve already been through seven imports too. And it looks like new ones in 2012-13.
You cannot guarantee how an import will fit in here. There’s so much to consider, cultural stuff, maturity, personality – so much before you even get to basketball.
Going over to the US and checking out lesser college programs would be a good idea.
Leroy went to Nowhere University and those are the places we could find diamonds, so to speak.

KB and Hodge were guns and thrived in Adelaide. I'd put them in our top 10 imports ever (with Davis, Rose, Mee, Green, Hays, Farley, Ballinger and Bill Jones). New to the league or not, I think Smyth showed a knack for getting the right guys for his system. Clark will start Year 3 with another 2 new imports. He may argue injuries cost him in some situations but it's no coincidence the team has failed getting the imports right and failed oncourt.

What did you think?



  1. Adam Ballinger over Kevin Brooks!? big call!

    particularly with the money on offer in China and Europe these days, Oz teams are fighting a losing battle on the import front, IMO.

  2. KB was recommended by Darnell after he signed with the 6ers so Phil hardly scouted him, not sure you can give him that one either?
    Import selection is like a stab in the dark, sometimes you'll hit the target and others you wont.
    I think Marty is looking for a scoring PG and rather that getting that they are getting SG's and trying to get them to run the point...
    Hopefully he learns from his errors this season.


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