Player Spotlight: Chris Warren

I've written plenty about Chris Warren and feel like I'm flogging a dead horse, so I'll try to appease the regular readers while giving new readers some insight.

1) 36ers sign Chris Warren
2) 29 seconds into his first training session it's discovered he's really a 2 guard in a 1's body
3) Sixers shuffle the lineup by moving him to the 2 and dusting off Crosswell and asking him to play 25-30min a game
4) 36ers fans discover Crosswell still has game
5) 36ers fans are split as to whether CW is the most exciting little man we've had since Al Green or is going to be another failed Marty Clarke PG experiment
6) Crosswell goes down and CW shifts to the 1. Game suffers, but he "goes down shooting"
7) Someone suggests starting Bartlett at the point and moving CW back to the 2 so he can shoot lots of 3's

In the end Warren finished with averages of  14.2pts at 40% FG, 2.3reb, 3.2ast,0.8stl and 2.9to

For those scoring at home, here's how his numbers stack up against some other former point men

Craig Winder- 10.1pts at 35%, 4.1reb, 2.8ast, 0.8stl, 2.8to
Eddie Shannon- 9.6pts at 39%, 2.5reb, 4.4ast, 1.4stl, 2.1to
John Gilchrist- 16.9pts at 48%, 5.5reb, 4.2ast, 0.8stl, 2.4to

Warren showed an ability to be able to get on scoring runs and hit from outside or drive to the hoop but was not consistent enough. After Crosswell went down he only scored above his season average three times - twice against Melbourne who had no-one to stop him and Gold Coast (15pts). Surprisingly his assists average with Crosswell out was 3.1, showing he didn't exactly embrace the playmaker role despite being forced into it.

I've got no doubt Warren would have a stronger 2nd season if he returned, but that seems highly unlikely. Adelaide is crying out for a PG with the following assets: leadership, size, a veteran who's been around the professional circuit, strong defender, pass first mentality and insatiable desire to win. Unfortunately CW's skills set doesn't match.

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