What did you expect? (Adelaide v Wollongong 3/2/12)

*Editors Note. As I write this, the replay of the game is running in the background. I'm not recording it.

When the league's two worst team face off, you generally don't expect high quality basketball. Expectations met.
Adelaide finished with a fg% of 38, Wollongong 41. Amazingly that was in improvement over what we were headed for.....

Adelaide started with the Bartlett/Warren backcourt again but the offense didn't tick quite like last week. Every basket was an effort and there weren't any easy shots (not that we didn't try). Our guards worked the ball into Simpson especially  but unfortunately he got fouled repeatedly, meaning he had to shoot free throws (not his strength). The 36ers trailed at the end of the quarter, 18-19, in a slugfest with both teams struggling from the field. I loved Adelaide's rotations in the 1st quarter, especially getting Ng on with just under 4 minutes left. He scored 5 and gave Adelaide a much needed boost.

Adelaide took the lead in the 2nd, thanks largely to our work from the free throw line, where we scored 10 of our 14pts for the quarter. It was nice to see Darren Ng get to the line, where he's money. He scored 5 from the line, Weigh 2, Johnson 2 and Simpson 1.Only Helliwell and Simpson managed a field goal for the quarter. Yep, ugly.

The 36ers "went off" in the 3rd, scoring 21 to Wollongong's 15, built on 5 three pointers, including one to Creek and a buzzer-beater to Bartlett. Inside Johnson scored 4 and Simpson 2. 

In the 4th it was Wollongong's turn to get their offensive act together. Sadly for Hawks fans, the run came a little too late, with 12 of their points coming in the last 1:09 when the game was over. Wollongong's pressure caused Adelaide to cough the ball unecessarily several times and the Hawks got some easier baskets. Adelaide got over the line in the 4th thanks largely to some important Weigh baskets, free throws and a nice steal and dunk by Herbert.

Wollongong missed Catron badly but again were let down by Oscar Forman (5pts on 2/9) and Glen Saville (2pts on 1/6). Larry Davidson put in a much better showing with 17pts on 7/9 and 7 boards. He especially liked being guarded by Weigh and DJ. Ubaka top-scored with 23 but his numbers were boosted by his last quarter efforts when the game was over. He contributed 0 assists, but a lot of this was probably due to the shooting of his teammates.

Weigh-  12pts (3/4), 3 reb, 3 ast. Made some key baskets in the 2nd half but was very reserved on the offensive end (not a bad thing). Hit 2/2 threes, 4/4 free throws.  Threw a trademark "long" pass as part of his 4 turnovers. 6/10

Herbert- 7pts (2/3), 4 reb, 0 ast. Saw no action in the first half but 11 minutes in the 2nd. Hit a nice three and got a nice steal and dunk. Solid. 4/10

Ng- 10pts (2/6), 3 reb, 2 ast. Worked hard and hit some key baskets and got to the line. Scored 0 in the 2nd half. 5/10

Helliwell- 2pts (1/2), 0 reb, 1 stl. Got a steal and a bone-crunching screen on Demos and made 2 nice moves inside. No 2nd half action as we went small ball. 2.5/10

Warren- 11pts (4/9), 4 reb,5 ast. Was patient of offense and looked for others more tonight. 2/4 from the three point line. 6.5/10

Johnson- 16pts (4/17), 4 reb, 2 blk. Forced some shots, went too soft on others. Padded his points total with some cheap free throws down the stretch. 4/17 is unacceptable. Was nice to see Clarke yell at him on one play where DJ thought he was fouled and whined and then looked at the bench while everyone else was getting back on D. Needs to toughen up and TCOB on both ends.

Creek- 7pts (3/7), 4 reb, 2 ast. Tough D and a 3 were the highlights. Worked hard and played his role. 4/10

Bartlett- 3pts (1/4), 6 reb, 2 ast. Quiet game. Rebounded well and hit that key 3pt basket on the third quarter buzzer. 3.5/10

Simpson- 9pts (2/6), 6 reb, 2 blk. Took two mind-boggling mid-range jumpers  and missed five free throws which might explain why he sat out the 4th quarter. Battled hard in the 1st but the misses clearly bothered Marty. Only got 21 minutes. 4.5/10

Clarke- ran the team beautifully in the first half, made some stranger moves in the 2nd half (sticking with Herbert and Ng a little long, not using DS and Helliwell in the 4th). We got the win though. 8/10

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