We still lost? (36ers v Taipans 23/3/12)

This will be short as I didn't see the game (although I was expecting to, even last week this was listed as the "ONE" game) but that's a bad loss. With no Loughton or Crosswhite we still weren't able to secure a win. Disappointing.

From the stats the following stands out......................

Jamar- 17,9 and 6
FG%- 47% vs 38%. DJ 6/18, Warren 3/12, Weigh 5/14

Below are what I listed as being the 4 keys to the win, let's see how many we ticked off......

-Stop Warren. Nope, equal top scored with 17pts on 6/13 shooting.

-Go to DJ. He took 18 shots, but only hit 6. That % not acceptable from someone with his size and talent against a team missing 2 of it's 3 key bigs.

-Get something, anything, from Chris Warren. Shot 3/12 but did get 6 assists.

-Stop Jamar. Nope, looks like he was the difference.

If the 36ers also lose against Sunday against the Hawks it may well change how the season is reviewed.

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