"Title Town" review

Last night I sat down to watch "Title Town", a documentary on the Adelaide 36ers teams of the 90's.

The 90's were when I started to more closely follow the 36ers. Butch Hays was probably the first player to truly capture my interest and his teams were the ones I started to take an interest in. I didn't go to any games but used to watch games on tv as I could. 1994 probably marked the first time I knew all the players and regularly watched games. Good timing.  I was also starting to play district and some of the younger 36ers were "around the place" and  me and most of my hoops buddies knew someone who knew Blakemore, Hawkes, Scalzi etc. The semi-finals of that year against Melbourne piqued my interest and I remember thinking how we were no chance to beat the 36ers in game 2 with Pud out injured. I watched the game with some mates on a  mini-battery operated tv while on a camp and it was awesome seeing the team win against the odds. We all got together to watch the finals games and from there I was hooked.

It wasn't until 1997-1998 as a working adult that I decided to buy season tickets and attend all the games I could. Again, good timing. We put out the best team of the modern era and won back-to-back titles and I was watching it all from a prime spot in the silver seats. I've got a lot of great memories of those years, either being at games or going to a pub to watch the games live on Foxtel.

But enough about me.

The documentary features all the key moments and players of the era, highlighted by player comments on all of the teams year-by-year. The player comments were the highlight, most notably anything Rupert Sapwell said. Brett Maher and Scott Ninnis were also solid. The thing that stood out the most was how much our greats cared. Green, Ninnis, Mc Kay and Pearce were all genuinely gutted to be let go by the club and still seem affected by it today.

A must-see for all 36ers fans and is a great mix of footage and stories.

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