Q & A: Darren Ng

Darren Ng, Adelaide's offensive spark off the bench and fan favourite was recently good enough to answer some questions for us.

36Reasons:  Darren, congratulations on your recent form first of all. You played a key role in the wins over Townsville and Melbourne especially. What do you put your recent form down to?
Darren Ng: Basically hitting shots, having my teammates find me and good form at practice.

36Reasons: You're often seen as a 3pt specialist but you're dangerous from anywhere on the floor.  90 of your 122 field goal attempts this year though have been threes. Is this a team strategy to stretch the D or is
this where you like to be shooting from most?
Darren Ng:  In our group we have such great inside scorers, I find that spreading the floor is something I can do to open up the court for others. I love shooting 3's.

36Reasons: How much do you follow the other NBL games and the NBA?
Darren Ng: I follow the league closely and watch a lot of NBA. It's an exciting season.

36Reasons: Are you a gamer?
Darren Ng: Yes. I play 2k12 on my PS3, best BBall game out there.

36Reasons: I've picked up from twitter you play fantasy basketball. What have been your successes and failures as a GM and where are you placed in your league?
Darren Ng: We play a rotisserie league and the hardest part is getting players to complement your stars. I've only just climbed the ladder into first place, with some good free agent pick ups being the key.

36Reasons: Where are you at with your medical studies?
Darren Ng: I've finished my degree, been working for 3 years and am now doing general practice training.

36Reasons: Thanks Darren, hope you keep the recent form up and finish the season

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