Player Spotlight: DJ

He's the man of the moment and I should probably feature him next in my "Player Spotlight" series.

DJ is on fire. This week he won the NBL's "Most Improved" player and was named to the All-NBL 3rd Team. That's a long way from his 2009 Season when he averaged 2.7pts and 1.9reb. He also won 28 awards (approx) at the Adelaide 36ers award night this week and is clearly headed for big things. So what does he need to work on for next season? Here's my wish list.......

He averaged 1 block and 0.4 steals but has the potential to be a 3/2 guy with his length and athleticism. His main focus though must be on strength and being able to handle the brutes down low. Too often he either got in a bad position or got pushed into a bad position. Has the tools to be an excellent help defender but in this stage of his development worries too much about his own man. Has the potential to be great in a press defense too.

This is the main issue reader Darren has with him, too often resorting for a layup or a finger roll when he should be dunking it and making sure of it. He had a few 5/15 nights and probably could have improved this if he dunked a few more times instead of relying on his finesse.

Is developing some nice moves and should continue to improve. Some work on ball, head and shoulder fakes would be a good start.

Has a nasty habit of looking to the bench everytime he doesn't get a call. Must just put his head down and get back on D. Doesn't give the crowd much either and the fans will warm to him more if he acknowledges that we're in the building.

DJ has the tools to be one of the the best offensive bigs Australia has produced. He has great range and a variety of moves but can go missing if he gets a bully guarding him. If he improves his D and mindset you can expect an MVP and Boomers jersey in the not too distant future.

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