Battle Of The Also-Rans (Preview: Adelaide v Cairns 23/3/12)

Tonight Adelaide gets another crack at Cairns, who have recently been ruled out of playoff action. The teams have faced off twice this year, both times in Adelaide and both Adelaide losses. This time the challenge will be even tougher with Adelaide having to overcome the Taipans in Cairns. So how can Adelaide get the win?

-Stop Warren. Andrew Warren has been a thorn in our side in both matches. In Game 1 he went off and his hot shooting cost us the game. In the rematch he was well held until he hit a huge three in the 4th that cost us the game (read about it here) . He must be guarded by Creek and Herbert for large periods of the match, meaning Adelaide may have to shake up it's Bartlett/Warren combo.

-Go to DJ. DJ has averaged 14 and 10 over his 2 games against Cairns and presents them with some problems....when he plays outside. Inside the Cairns bigs are too cagey for him so he must take some threes and 18 footers, plus use his speed to blow by defenders when he draws them out.

-Get something, anything, from Chris Warren. CW has shot 3/21 against the Taipans and averages 7pts and 3 assists against them. Must get something going.

-Stop Jamar. Jamar is an MVP candidate and has led his team well against the 36ers especially, averaging over 20 a game in the two previous meetings. Does what his team needs and has caused the 36ers plenty of headaches.

Despite the season being over for both teams, I think this will be a fiery game with both teams desperate to finish the season on a high. This is the Taipans final home game for the year and they'll want to send their fans home happy. Adelaide backs up against Wollongong and will be keen to snatch this one as the Wollongong match will be super tough. My feeling is though Cairns will have a blinder tonight- Taipans by 11.

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