Are the 36ers really on a roll?

There's been some excitement over the 36ers three wins from their last 4 games but are the boys really "on a roll" or is it the schedule?  Let's look at the facts...........

The wins have come over Wollongong (bottom), Melbourne (6th) and Townsville (4th). 2 of those were at home, the other away against Melbourne who have been a mess.  The loss was to perennial powerhouse Perth.
A Factor?: Yes!

Everard Bartlett has started the last two games (Sixers 1-1), moving Creek to the bench. Ng has got more minutes. Bartlett and Ng have both been good contributors over that stretch.

A Factor?: Yes

Player Breakouts
Looking over the stats for the last few games, there are only a few standout stats

The Good
Warren- FG% is up from 41% to 50% (thanks largely to the 9/10 Tigers game). All key stats are up except points, countered by a rise of 1.5 assists. He's sharing the ball more- a good thing.

Weigh- Averaging 3.5 less minutes but his FG%, rebounds and assists are up. Scoring is down, showing he's also looking to get others involved and is playing more of a utility role.

Ng- getting an extra 5min a game over the stretch and has seen his FG% rise to 45% and his pts go from 6.5 to 11.5. Scored in double digits in the wins, scored 2 in the loss. That says more about Perth's defensive capabilities though than leading people to believe we will win everytime he scores 10. Melbourne and Townsville gave him too much space. Wollongong made him work harder but he found other ways to score.

Bartlett- getting an extra 9 minutes a game, FG% up from 41 to 50%, rebounds up, assists are up...yet only scoring just over 1 extra point a game. Again, looking to get others involved.

The Bad
DJ- FG% has dropped almost 10% on his season average over the last 4 games, but he's averaging over 3pts more. Means he's taking a lot of extra shots to get those 3pts.

Simpson- FG% has dropped almost 13%.

A factor? A little

SUMMARY: The 36ers are in the midst of an easier schedule but you can only beat who they put you up against. I've picked the 3 wins and 1 loss but it wouldn't have been a shock if we went 2-2 over that run, so the guys have done the job. The numbers tell us Weigh and the guards are sharing the ball more....sadly though DJ and DS aren't shooting at the clip they were most of the season. The move to give Ng and Bartlett more time has proven a success as Herbie and Creek just weren't getting it done on offense.  The game this week against the Breakers will tell us a lot.

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