Anything you can do...... (Breakers v 36ers 10/3/12)

It's not too often you shoot 49% for the game and lose. Unfortunately for Adelaide NZ shot at 52%, including 44% from 3pt land. Both teams hit 33 field goals, Adelaide taking the 3 extra shots. So what went wrong?

Outside shooting- NZ hit 11 threes, we hit 4. That's 7 extra points right there.

Free throws- The Breakers got to the line more, mainly due to Adelaide's defensive breakdowns and being forced to foul. We hit 6 of 6 free throws, unfortunately NZ hit 14 of their 21.

Rebounding- lost this 27 to 30. Only DJ and DS got more than 2 rebounds. NZ had 4 guys get 4 or more, thanks largely to the extra bigs they had coming off the bench.

Assists- you'd expect us to lose this with NZ being such an efficient team continually looking for the open man. 17 to 12 in favour of the Breakers.

Turnovers- we had 15 to their 13. Warren the main offender with 6 but Jackson also had 5 for NZ

Adelaide started well and took it up to the Breakers, trading baskets for much of the first quarter. In the 2nd  both teams continued the good shooting with Adelaide drawing it back to even until Cedric Jackson scored right on the buzzer. Adelaide went into the half down by 2 but feeling good about themselves.

In the second half NZ cranked up the D and Adelaide started to look out of sorts. Once the NZ lead built, you could see the air come out of the 36ers tyres and for whatever reason they looked like they weren't in for the long haul. NZ were too slick, too patient and too tough and outscored Adelaide 44-41 over the second half for a comfortable 15pt win.

For Adelaide only Simpson and Johnson will go home happy with their performance, although Johnson must be ruing his 17pt first half and his 4pt second half. Abercrombie, Wilkinson and Jackson were the standouts for the Breakers but the difference was that pretty much every player who hit the court played an important part. CJ and Corletto shared 4 triples. Pledger and Boucher hit the boards hard. Vukona battled hard and took some punishment. A great "team" and a NZ v Perth Grand Final would be great to watch.

Weigh- 12pts (5/9), 2reb, 1 ast. Has been looking to involve others more of late and do other things. Not a great game but had some moments, including some nice baskets in the 4th when the game was still within reach. 5/10

Herbert- 2pts (1/3), 1 reb, 2 stl. Limited time but worked hard on D as usual. Quiet otherwise. 3/10

Ng- 2pts (1/5), 1 reb, 0 ast. Couldn't get an open look early and it was clear early NZ weren't going to let this be his night. 2/10

Helliwell- 0pts (0/), 1 reb, 1 stl. Was an angry man tonight and contributed little outside of some big hits. Made the Breakers think twice about entering his area though. 2/10

Warren- 10pts (5/11), 0 reb, 1 ast. NZ too good to let him get open outside shots (0/4 threes). He got to the basket more tonight which is probably something he hasn't done enough of this year. 6 turnovers, including 1 howler in the 1st quarter where he passed it to a ref. 3/10

Johnson- 21pts (8/15), 9reb, 3 ast. A big first half but well held in the 2nd. Should have worked Wilkinson over more with pump fakes etc as he had him on a string. Under utilised tonight. 7.5/10

Creek- 5pts (2/3), 1 reb, 1 ast. Some good D and a nice "And 1" in his 12 minutes. 3/10

Bartlett- 5pts (2/9), 1 reb, 4 ast. Team looks better with him at the point. Tried to do a little too much at times but battled hard. 4.5/10

Simpson- 19pts (9/12), 11 reb, 1 ast. Most minutes for the season and was our best. Battled hard and nearly pulled off the block of the decade on Wilkinson. My blog this week must have fired him up (or his mum visiting from the US). 7.5/10

Clarke- couldn't really fault the rotations. Most of the subs are getting semi-predictable over the last month, which I think is a good thing as it means the players know what to expect. It also shows he's going with the flow of the game based on what's in the cupboard.  8/10

P.S Where were Warbout, Ballinger and Crosswell tonight?

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