And that pretty much sums it up.... (36ers v Blaze 17/3/12)

2.1 seconds left. Adelaide trails by 1. 83-84

*Prior to this Adam Gibson had scored a 2, which was credited as a 3 but changed back to a 2. When the timeout was called, everyone in the building thought the score was 83-83 but during the timeout the score reverted to Adelaide 83, Gold Coast 82. Joey Wright argued hard and flirted with being called for a tech before sitting down. Mark Worthington scored on a tough drive with 4 seconds left (according to Fiba stats) and gave the Blaze a 1 point lead. Adelaide called a timeout to draw up a game winning play.

So what happened? Did Warren drive for a basket or take a 3? Did we throw an ally to one of our bigs? Did Stevey Weigh create a basket. Nope. The inbounds pass from Bartlett got deflected, Gold Coast held the ball and we lost by 1. And that pretty much sums up Adelaide's 2011-2012 season thus far.

Adelaide started slowly, our offense struggling and our defense leaking plenty of open baskets, thanks mainly to poor switching on pick and rolls. Oh, and we were getting murdered on the boards. We trailed 25-18 at quarter time and that was thanks to another huge buzzer beater three from Everard Bartlett. The major difference though was on the boards, with Gold Coast holding an 18-5 lead at quarter time. 9 of those rebounds were offensive and Adelaide went boardless from the 8:28 mark to the 4:32 mark. That should almost be impossible.

In the 2nd, Adelaide took 3:01 minutes to get their next rebound but ended up winning the rebound count for the quarter, 12-11. From the 6:38 mark, the lineup of Warren/Ng/Creek/Weigh and Johnson or Simpson outscored the Blaze 21-14 and won the boards 10-8. Adelaide went into the half down 7, 41-48. Most notably though was the 29-17 rebound difference.

The 3rd quarter was all Adelaide, the 36ers outscoring the Blaze 25-12 and winning the boards 13-6. A Warren/ Creek/Weigh/Johnson/Simpson lineup took the score from 51-56 to 59-58 and when Ng came in for Simpson it went to 66-60. Game on!

The 4th quarter saw order restored with Gold Coast outscoring Adelaide 24-17 and winning the boards 10-6. Gold Coast found more ways to score and tightened up the D, not allowing Adelaide too many easy baskets.

Gold Coast won't go home thrilled with the result and certainly  let it get closer than it should have been. The Blaze were lead by Hudson (20 and 13), Worthington (21 and 3) and Gibson (12,10 and 6). Adelaide will be hit hard by this loss. It would have been a gutsy win against a legit team and a great home game to finish on. In the end they returned a 4-10 home record, winning over non-playoff teams Melbourne and Wollongong twice and once against Townsville.

Weigh- 10pts (3/11), 5 reb, 1 ast. Poor shooting night but scored 5 in the last quarter, including a big dunk and key 3. Made some bad defensive errors, including several times sending players to bad matchups. 4.5/10

Herbert- 0pts (0/1), 1 reb. Only got 6 minutes. Struggled to contain Gibson when on him, getting beaten off the dribble several times. We needed more from him. 0/10

Ng- 3pts (1/3), 1 reb, 1 ast. Only got 11 minutes. Hit a big 3 early but struggled after suffering an eye injury (contact lens?). Twice isolated on D in the last quarter and got scored on (Deleon, Hudson). Didn't get many good looks of offense and struggled on D. 3/10

Helliwell- 0pts (0/1), 1 reb. Only got one 4 minute stretch. Unsure why he didn't see time in the 2nd half, probably should have got a run in the 4th. 0/10

Warren- 12pts (5/12), 3reb, 3 ast. Played almost 34 minutes but couldn't get into a rhythm. Hit a massive 2 to give us the lead but struggled with the ball at other key moments, including 2 bad turnovers in the last 24secs of the second half that should have seen us 43-47 instead of 41-48. 5.5/10

Johnson- 16pts (6/14), 4 reb, 3ast. Didn't enjoy the physical attention and made some dumb frustration plays, one resulting in an unsportsmanlike foul. 4 rebounds in 32 minutes from a starting centre is unacceptable. Must toughen up in the off-season 6/10

Creek- 11pts (4/7), 6reb, 1 ast. Was on for all our key runs, providing something at both ends. Probably his best home game of the year. His 6 boards a reminder to all what a little hustle can do. 6/10

Bartlett- 8pts (2/7), 4 reb, 1 ast. Scored all his points in the first quarter. Was off the court for long periods, mainly because the team went on lots of good runs with him on the bench. The inbounds disaster a sour note to end on. A good first quarter, struggled the rest of the way. 4/10

Simpson- 21pts (8/14), 11reb, 2 ast. Worked hard and kept us in the game when our shots weren't dropping. Will he back for 2012-2013? 7/10

Clarke- stuck with lineups that were working but questioned his subs in the first quarter (Herbie and Creek both on, no Ng). I wonder what the last play he drew up was......... 7/10


  1. Normally don't disagree with your player game ratings Forcey but this time I question the 4.5/10 you gave Stephen Weigh. In the first 3 periods he only scored 5 points and while playing the entire 3rd he only grabbed 1 board and had 2 missed shots. For 10 minutes of court time that's pretty lame for someone touted as a future Boomer. But then, other than Helliwell who Clarke seemed to forget was there, who did Clarke have left to sub him with effectively? As usual Weigh padded up his score a bit in the last but he also gave away what I thought were 2 silly fouls in just over a minute (5:07 and 4:03).

    Personally I thought, for his near 34 minutes on court (33:52) he didn't give much at all (10pts, 5 rebs, 1 ass, 1 TO). For mine his effort was at best a 3 but more like a 2/10 last night.

    What I think hurt the 36ers most last night was our free throws. At half time we had hit 7/10. After half time we went 11/16 at the foul line which cost us the game as much as letting Wortho drive so easily to the hoop with only 4 seconds left, Clarke's bizarre defensive subs and Bartlett's last play inbound pass.

    Another 2011-12 home game that I think got away.

  2. All fair points. 4.5 certainly isn't a "pass" mark . I didn't think he was awful, he was just pretty quiet. I don't think his points in the 4th were "padding", the dunk was huge and pumped up the crowd and his 3 way critical. I define "padding" more as trying to get fouled when a game's over so you can get freebies at the FT line.

    Plenty of plays we could point to as being costly (DJ's unsportsmanlike, Warren's two turnovers to end the first half etc) but that last played summed up the difference between the teams- they executed 2 key plays at the death of the game, we pulled off one and couldn't even get the ball into play on the second.

  3. Just thought i would let you know that DJ Scored 18 points not 16 :)

  4. I'll agree that Weigh's 5 in the last were critical at the time but really when you look at the rest of the things he did, which was mostly go missing, for someone who had nearly 34 minutes of court time it was a waste. Kinda sums up his season in a way though, lot of court time and not a whole lot to show for it, especially when you look at when he has scored most of his points which seems to be in the last when we've had no chance of winning a game.

    There were plenty of reasons why Adelaide didn't win this one but it definitely doesn't help having a guy spending over 3/4 of the game on court but doing next to nothing for most of it.


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