One of the big disappointments of the 36ers season so far has been the play of fan-favourite Darren Ng.
Have a look at these numbers

13.85min per game
5.17pts per game
35% FG

8.6pts per game
47.7 FG%

He's only a few minutes down a game but has seen his FG% plummet and consequently his scoring has dropped considerably. Here's his numbers from his highest scoring season, 2007-2008

26.82min per game
13.3 pts per game
43.6 FG%

Ng is only 28 and in theory should be right around his prime. Instead, he is in a funk. Opinions are varied as to why but here's 3 things I'd like to see that would help.

1/ Shot selection
75% of the shots he's taken this year are 3's. In his career year only 47% of his attempts were 3's. He was also getting to the line 3 times a game (where he's an excellent FT shooter). This year? 0.5 times a game. He's not a slasher or dunker but perhaps he should be taking more pullups and mid range jumpers and not relying so much on the 3.

2/ Loosen Up
Ng has often come out all guns blazing and the crowd rides every shot. After 1-2 misses his head drops and the crowd gets anxious. He's gotta put all that behind him and work himself into games. He has a knack for picking up steals, getting a hand in the passing lane on D and grabbing some rebounds and must continue to work on this side of his game, as well as improving his man-on-man D. On offense he must keep working his defender through screens and looking for some easy shots (think Andrew Gaze and the backdoor cuts). He's a homecourt bully and anything positive contribution he makes will pump up the crowd and lift his confidence.

3/ Win a game off his own hand
He came mighty close in the Nov 26 Gold Coast game (20pts in 23 minutes), getting the team back in the game and keeping it close. Amazingly that has been his only game scoring over 11pts this year and is currently on a run of 3,3,3,3,0 in the last 5 games. A big game must be around the corner and it can't come quickly enough. Marty needs to pick the right game to let him loose. The next home game vs Townsville would be a great game to try. A starting lineup shakeup could be just what the team (and especially Ng) needs.

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  1. Picked it! Blew it up against the Crocs here. I'm expecting a good game from him tonight v Melbourne....as long as he gets oncourt.


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