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In Saturday night's game versus the Tigers, Adelaide started Everard Bartlett in place of Mitch Creek. The starters ran up a 13-9 lead before Mitch Creek came in for Bartlett. Adelaide held a lead with this lineup and was up 17-14 before subbing in Herbie for Steve Weigh. This lineup surrendered the lead and Melbourne was up 21-19 when Adelaide made it's next two subs.

This lineup more closely resembled Adelaide's original lineup of Warren, Weigh, Simpson, DJ and Crosswell. It gave Adelaide two competent ball handlers and two threats from outside. I'm not sure how much this lineup was successful purely due to the opposition or if works better for the rotations but I do feel it is worth sticking with this week versus Wollongong. The Hawks start 3 guards plus Saville and Forman and our team on offense at least should give them fits. I'd expect Wollongong to match up like this........

Ubaka v Warren
Campbell v Bartlett
Martin v Weigh
Saville v Simpson
Forman v Johnson

Adelaide's speed and size should worry Wollongong on offense but they also cause us some problems on D with Sav and Forman both able to draw our bigs outside and their guards being more physical than ours. Their bench is much stronger than ours, boasting four talented guys who can play anywhere on the frontcourt and the versatile Tyson Demos. Adelaide's bench is more guard heavy will  four predominantly backcourt guys plus Wade Helliwell.

I think Adelaide should give this lineup another go and see how it works. What do you think?


  1. Campbell hasn't been a starter for the Hawks in weeks... This has been the lineup since Davidson has regressed since re-joining the team:


    No way is the Hawks bench better than the 36ers' by the way:

    Ng > Campbell
    Creek ~ Gruber
    Herbert ~ Coenraad
    Helliwell > Davidson
    Daly > Demos

  2. My bad, I got that off the live stats but see now they corrected Catron for Campbell.

    Both benches are different, Adelaide's is guard heavy, Wollongong's is forward heavy. Wollongong's bench is deeper, more experienced and offensively stronger. SHould be an interesting game.


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