Sixers Up The Creek (Adelaide vs Melbourne 3/2/12)

There's 4:56 left in the 4th and the 36ers call a timeout. Melbourne leads 73-70. My youngest boy cries out for a nappy change so I sort him out. When I come back Melbourne is up 79-72, on the back of 6 straight from Cam Tragardh. Adelaide calls timeout and subs in Mitch Creek (who to that point had put in one of the worst performances I'd seen from a 36er) for Nathan Herbert and Everard Bartlett enters for Diamon Simpson. Creek plays 1:05, contributes 2 turnovers (including a stolen inbounds pass he made straight after the timeout), and the lead extends to 81-72. Simpson subs back in, the 36ers go on a 9-6 run but it's too late, the boys going down 87-81.

This was absolutely the one that got away. The 36ers got out to a 10-0 start on the back of an inspirational Chris Warren but Melbourne kept chipping away, despite many of their key players battling with foul trouble, most notably Myron Allen and Cam Tragardh. Allen was a man possessed, this also causing him to commit some dumb fouls and having to sit for a large portion of the 3rd. Adelaide made their fair share of blunders too with some untimely turnovers and costly errors such as the above and an unsportsmanlike in the 4th that resulted in 2 free throws for the Tigers after Adelaide had got it back to 6 on the back of a Weigh 3.

-Cam Tragardh fought back for a great game after a poor start, scoring 20 on 10/14 shooting
-Myron Allen looks a gem. This was his 1st home game and he played a little too excitedly but finished with 12pts, 6 rebounds, 8 assists, 3 steals and 1 block. I was stunned to learn he's 5"11. Plays much bigger
-Our PG had a blinder too, pouring in 31 on 10/18 shooting. Was key to us being in the game...but I'll keep arguing we need a PG like Allen. Warren was predominantly looking for his shot and not as much for his team mates. He did get 4 assists and can't be blamed for the loss in anyway but our game became too predictable.
-DJ struggled again against his former team, hitting on 3/14 shots

Weigh- 12pts (5/11), 3reb, 1 ast, 4 to. As expected had nowhere near the influence he had last time but was ok, hitting some key 3's and making a few good plays. 5/10

Herbert- 2pts (1/5), 1 reb, 3 ast, 1 to. Minimal influence and shot poorly. 2/10

Daly- 1pt (1/2 ft).  3 mins, 3 turnovers. Came on at a key stage of the game and coughed up the ball 3 times. 0/10

Ng- 0. 3 minutes and didn't bother the stats people. Should have been used in this game with the amount of open 3's Melbourne allowed. Clarke got this wrong, especially with Ng not even getting a shot off. 0/10

Helliwell- 2pts (2/2 ft), 1 reb. Got 7 minutes, had minimal impact. 1/10

Warren-31pts (10/18), 2 reb, 4 ast. His best game as a 36er. Battled hard and shot the lights out. Sadly it didn't end in a win. 8.5/10

Johnson- 13pts (3/14), 11 reb, 3 ast. Under pressure from Melbourne's array of bigs and struggled. Battled hard and did some good things. 6/10

Creek- 3pts (1/5), 1 reb, 1 ast, 4 to. Botched dunks, bad passes, turnovers.......not good. Creek is a different player on the road and couldn't get anything going. 0/10

Bartlett- 0pts (0/6), 1reb, 3 ast. Wasted 16 minutes. Clarke's persistence with him in 4th quarters is baffling. Not doing enough and taking bad shots. 1.5/10

Simpson- 17pts (6/10), 9reb, 1 ast. Got 31 minutes and just kept piling up the stats. Pregame it was alluded to by Clarke that he forces shots. He forced 1 in the 1st and was subbed off. Seems to be getting unfair treatment and I much prefer him forcing shots than most of his team mates. 6.5/10

Clarke- botched up the rotation badly. Only gave Ng 3min in the 2nd, then no more. Brought on Daly at a key stage of the 3rd and he made costly errors. Brought Creek on at a key stage of the 4th and this also proved costly. Some grace can be given if these were intended to be "lessons" but i doubt it. 3/10.

Next up? Townsville, in Townsville, in 2 days. Mmmm

*By the way, I tipped the result (see previous blog). Just saying......

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