Sixers snap the Crocs (Adelaide v Townsville 12/2/12)

On the game's opening play, Luke Schenscher posted up Diamon Simpson 1-on-1 and scored. I almost conceded the game there and then but to my surprise the Sixers soon started getting other players to come and double Schensch and limiting the Crocs offensive options. Luke finished the game with 8pts and 3 rebounds in 21 foul-plagued, frustration-laced minutes and that pretty much resulted in the Sixers getting the win. Other things that helped were...........

-The pressure and physicality the 36ers threw at Townsville on defence. The Crocs resorted mainly to jumpers and Gill isolation's as their bigs struggled inside and their guards barely saw daylight outside.
-Darren Ng. Ng came on late in the 1st quarter but didn't take long to get going. His team mates, particularly Bartlett, looked for him often and once he got going he didn't look like missing.
-Diamon Simpson. Even though he struggled at times on Schensh, he was a beast in the key. Got 30+ minutes again and gave the team 19 and 12 (including 6 offensive boards)

Other observations.............
-Eddie Gill:  20pts, 3 reb, 5 assists. A real floor leader who kept his team in the game despite a lack of team mates showing up.
-Chris Warren: 2pts, 1 reb, 6 assists. Created some opportunities in the 1st and 3rd but the team looked better with Bartlett on the floor. 6 assists was a a good return for him.
-Eddie Gill in the 3 games vs Adelaide- 53pts, 15reb, 9 ast. Chris Warren- 21pts, 4 reb, 10 ast.

Adelaide played well and managed to get it's inside and outside game clicking, to play tough D and to get some help from the bench.

Player Reviews
Stephen Weigh-  6pt (2/8), 7 reb, 8 ast. Looked to get others more involved and played the "utility" role well. A well-rounded game. 7/10

Nathan Herbert- 5pts (2/7), 3 reb, 1 ast. Played tough D and got some key rebounds. 4.5/10

Darren Ng- 19pts (7/11), 2 reb, 3 stl. The difference. Hit key first half threes that ignited the team and the crowd. Some key steals and a charge also integral. 8/10

Wade Helliwell- 4pts (2/3), 0 reb, 3 to. Wasn't pretty but scored some nice buckets and frustrated and overpowered Schenscher. 3/10

Chris Warren-2ps (1/4), 1 reb, 6 ast. Pretty ordinary game but did create some opportunities and didn't force his shot. In 2 of the 3 games he's got 6 or more assists the team has won. 4.5/10

Daniel Johnson- 20pts (6/14), 7reb, 1 ast. Tried and battled hard, getting 7 of his pts from the FT line. Took a few bad shots but overall was solid. 7/10.

Mitch Creek- 1pt (0/2), 4 reb, 1 stl. Only got 12 minutes, generally due to the play of Ng. Played good D but had limited chances at the other end. 2.5/10

Everard Bartlett- 3pts (1/5), 3 reb, 3 ast. Worked hard to get create for others and teamed up well with Ng. Shot is iffy but hit a key 3. 5/10

Diamon Simpson- 19pts (8/12), 12 reb, 2 ast. Worked hard and was too much on offense for the Crocs. Suffered an injury scare late but seemed ok. 7.5/10

Marty Clarke- Full marks for his defensive strategy and use of Ng. A few bad subs but must get credit for limiting the minutes for Weigh and Warren and giving them to Herbert, Ng and Bartlett. One of his better performances.

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