Preview: Crocs v 36ers (Sun 5/2/12)

Tomorrow night the 36ers play their 2nd game in 48hrs, against the Townsville Crocodiles.  These teams faced off last week at the same venue with the Crocs pulling off a comfortable win. Hopefully the 36ers have learned some lessons from that game and the Tigers game and can make some subtle changes.  Here's some things I'd like to see the 36ers do.

1- Play Simpson. Used pretty well against the Tigers. Played 30 minutes and had several subs but was brought on much quicker. Will be needed to battle against Holmes and their other bigs.

2- Get DJ lots of looks early. When he starts well he normally has a big game. Must work Schensh over early and get him in foul trouble.

3- Play Ng. The team got nothing from the bench against the Tigers and that's not a surprise when our only true offensive weapon played 3 minutes. Must give him some time and must give him some good looks.

4- Give Creek an assignment (likely shutting down Crawford) and tell him last game is behind him. Crawford hit 4 threes in the last game and was a key behind their win.

Playing 2 games in 48hrs is an ask, especially when it involves another flight. Townsville is a good team and will be hurting after the surprise turnaround loss against Cairns. I think the Crocs will be too strong. Townsville by 14.

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  1. Agree. As silly as it sounds I think if the coach is concerned about the result too much because of the pressure building he will coach without nerve (which is what I think is happening)and this is the game in which the coach must have nerve and flair. The bench must be helped to lift and contribute responsibly. He is playing the better players more minutes but has to, on the backup,sub really well because fatigue in Simpson, Warren or Weigh will kill us quickly. Please coaches, nerve and flair, and get the bench fired up!


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