3rd time lucky? (36ers v Crocs 12/2/12)

Tomorrow the 36ers face the Crocs for the 3rd time is as many weeks. This time thought they get a shot at them at home. In Game 1, Townsville was led by Eddie Gill with 17 and Peter Crawford with 14 while Adelaide got 21 from DJ and 13 from Chris Warren. In Game 2 Luke Schenscher dominated with 22pts with Eddie Gill adding 16. Adelaide got 19 from Mitch Creek and 13 from Stephen Weigh. Last Sunday's game saw Adelaide's bigs get pretty much taken out of the game. Diamon Simpson was left alone to guard Schenscher who is roughly about 8in taller than him and battled foul trouble the whole game. DJ got some bad calls and his head was soon out of the game.

To win tomorrow, here's what I'd change up. You can be guaranteed Adelaide won't do any of these though.

1) Start Helliwell. Let Wade "test the rules" against Schensch. Give him Simpson's spot initially and see what he can do. We don't have a chance if we defend him 1-on-1 as we did last time with Diamon (too short) or DJ.

2) Let Creek off the leash. Show him last week's game tape and let him and his team mates see what Creek's start allowed (open 3's for others, easy points etc).

3) Bring Ng on early. The team needs some bench scoring and I've got a feeling this is his game. Must get on early and if he hits a shot early we'll know it's his night.

4) Run more fullcourt press. We should use this regularly through the game (in spots). Our best pressing lineup is Warren, Herbert, Creek, Simpson, DJ. 

This game will be a tough ask but I really think the guys want this win bad and know they only need to change a few things to get the win. Adelaide by 7.

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