A tale of two point guards

Any 36ers fans who watched the Tigers v Hawks game last night got to see the difference a great PG makes. With Nathan Crosswell out of the lineup, Adelaide has struggled mightily, seeing shooting %'s go down, scoring go down and the offense splutter. Chris Warren moved to PG when Crossy went down and has seen his numbers go down and, most glaringly, seen his assists go backwards while also being forced to take more difficult shots.

In my opinion Warren needs to be moved on, however it appears unlikely the club could afford to pay him out even if it wanted too. Warren was brought in to play the point but got moved to shooting guard when it was obvious the team was best with Crosswell starting at the point and Warren at shooting guard. Chris has had some good scoring nights but has also had some stinkers, especially since being moved back to the point. I've pointed out before I think you'd get at least similar numbers from Darren Ng if he was playing 30 minutes.

The Tigers, rightly or wrongly, decided to dump Ubaka and bring in someone new and initially it looks like a good move. While the Tigers have continued to struggle, Myron Allen looks very much the goods.  Last night he scored 17 on 8/12 shooting, pulled in 9 boards and got 6 assists. I caught a little of his debut game and he looked great for a player who'd just stepped off the plane. In that game he got 13,3 and 8. Allan Joyce last night went as far to say he looks to be one of the best imports to ever play here.

When Melbourne dumped Ubaka, Wollongong couldn't go after him any quicker, dumping their incumbent import (Glover) and bringing him in. Wollongong looked a different team last night, full of energy and hustle and getting great output from it's veterans. Ubaka got everyone involved and had a great game himself, scoring 15pts, bringing down 4 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 steals. Until very recently it looked like Adelaide and Wollongong would battle it out for the wooden spoon. Now it looks like a one horse race.

Melbourne and Wollongong have shaken up their underperforming teams and it looks to have paid off. Will Adelaide do something before the season is over and the team adds another wooden spoon to the trophy cabinet? I'm not holding my breath.

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