Sixers Lose (Adelaide v Cairns 7/1/12)

I'll sum up tonight's game by touching on some of the stuff I've written in recent blogs.

Adelaide will try to curtail the Taipans import duo with the new backcourt of Mitch Creek and Chris Warren. Chris Warren's scoring is down with his move to PG but he's still a threat and should thrive being guarded by a similarly sized countryman. Mitch Creek has had a few average games of late but in this game will be asked to primarily clamp down on Andrew Warren. It will help him playing at home and fans will be hoping he can get involved on offense (ideally with some dunks and not three attempts).

Thrive? Chris Warren contributed 10pts/2reb/4ast on 2/13 shooting. Ouch. That includes 1/9 on threes, several of them bad options.

In the 4th Andrew Warren scored 11, all when Mitch Creek was off the court. Just saying. On offense he scored 9pts on 4/5 shooting, including a 3 (much to the crowd's amazement).

The 36ers have the athleticism up front to give Cairns fits. DJ and Diamon should be too much for Loughton and Crosswhite. Both guys are pros and will throw what they can at our guys but you'd be disappointed if they didn't contribute 40 between them.

DJ and DS took 24 combined shots, hitting 11 of them. Herbert,Ng and Warren hit 4/25. Not hard to work out what may have gone wrong.

Nathan Herbert seems to be some sort of indicator as to how the team will fare. A key game for him to have an impact as he'll be asked to play some tight D on the Cairns imports. Ng should also see some minutes and we'll know pretty quckly if he'll be a contributor or not. Cairns won't give him easy looks but if he can have one of "freak" games it will unsettle the Taipans D and open things up for everyone else.

My theory rings true. Nathan Herbert's line: 2pts (1-7 FG), 2 reb, 2 ast in 21 minutes. He played some good D at times but couldn't get into any rhythm in offense. Ng missed his first few open looks and yep, had a bad night: 3pts (1/5), 1 reb, 0 ast in 12minutes.

The game started as an arm wrestle with Cairns looking better on offense but without much success converting hard work into points. At the end of the 1st it was 18-16 Cairns. The 36ers were sharper in the 2nd with Weigh looking good early, at one stage scoring 5pts in 24 seconds. At the half it was the Sixers 37-34 in a tough battle.

The 2nd half was also tough work for both teams with Cairns outscoring us 38-30 the rest of the way, leading to a 72-67 win. Andrew Warren's ability to nail three triples in the space of just over 2 minutes in the 4th ended up being the difference.

The officiating from the game must be looked at. The way they called blocking fouls and especially shooters jumping into defenders was inconsistent (or non-existent) to say the least.

Some things to think about for the brainstrust........

-DJ and DS hit 11/24, the rest hit 11 of 42. Maybe we should change up the offense a little.
-Change the starters. We've heard Weigh is injured, so perhaps rest him or bring him off the bench and try this lineup.

PG- Warren
SG- Ng
SF- Creek
PF- Simpson
C- Johnson

Split Ng and Herbert at SG, Warren and Bartlett at PG, Creek and Weigh at SF, Simpson and Warbout at PF, DJ and Helliwell at C. Tonight gives more weight to the Creek at SF argument

Creek- 19 min, 9ts (4/5) and 5 boards
Weigh- 32min, 8pts (2/10) and 9 boards

The numbers don't lie.

Weigh- Tough shooting night besides that nice little purple patch in the 2nd. Good rebounding but again looked out of sorts at times on where to be on both ends of the floor. 4/10

Herbert- Night to forget. Did a few little things but 1/7? Ouch. 2/10

Ng- Apparently had injury issues also but once you hit the floor......Shot was off, missing some wide open ones in his 5 attempts. 2/10

Helliwell- A rough night. Ruffled the Taipans a few times with hard picks and positioning but killed his night with 3 quick fouls early. 2/10

Warren- A few nice moves but 2/13? He's not giving us what we need as a pass-first PG. Took way too may threes, is struggling with his role. 5/10

DJ- 15 and 11. Went long stretches without seeing the ball, should be our primary option on offense. 6/10

Creek- did some nice things in limited time; imagine if he played 28-32 minutes. 6/10

Bartlett- 3 turnovers in 10 minutes. Showed some promise but we needed more from him. 2/10

Simpson- 16 and 12, 6/11 from the field. Needed more shots, gave them headaches at times. MUST improve FT shooting though, 4/9 from the line and we lost by 5. 6.5/10

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