Response to Boti Nagy's "Sixers Can't Stop The Rot...." (16/1/12)

Boti Nagy has further turned up the heat on the club in his piece in today's The Advertiser "Sixers can't stop the rot even with a new coach". He acknowledges the team also struggled mightily at the end of The Phil Smyth era and also under Scott Ninnis but over recent weeks has intensified the spotlight onto coach Marty Clarke.

The rebounding numbers were staggering (NZ 50- Adelaide 24). The difference of 26 dovetailed into the Breakers taking an extra 26 shots (81-55) and you'll never win a a game when that happens, especially if you shoot at 36%. Our leading rebounder for the year is Diamon Simpson and he was held to 6 but of bigger concern is.....

1) Our second highest rebounders for the night were our sub-6ft point guard (Warren) and his fellow backourt starter (Creek).

2) Our starting centre (Johnson) and small forward (Weigh) both had 1. 1! That should almost be impossible.

3) Our bench is down to one legit big man backup (Helliwell), who does play physical but averages under 6 rebounds per 40min.

In a previous blog here I wrote that while I think Clarke has some things to work on, there are some other problems. We were always going to lose that game but the manner in which we lost sounds concerning. I didn't see the game but from all reports our offence spluttered and we got murdered on the boards. How much you can blame the players for that vs the coach is to be determined.  When a team struggles under 3 coaches there are generally some bigger issues at play. With a reasonably new board in place I doubt much will change there but Clarke would not want his teams to put in too many efforts like that again or we'll be seeing Brett Maher on the sidelines sooner rather than later regardless.

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