Preview: Adelaide v Cairns (Sun, Jan 22)

This Sunday, Adelaide gets another crack at Cairns at home, trying to reverse the result of a fortnight ago which was a game the team let slip away (you can read my game review here). Heres' what went wrong and we need to do to get the win.........

-Andrew Warren hit fire in the last quarter, undoing a lot of our good defensive work for the game. Must play Creek or Herbert on him all game and not let him get a sniff.

-Ian Crosswhite had a good game, frustrating our guys on defence and tallying 14pts @ 63% at the other end. DJ needs to draw him outside and draw some fouls, Simpson needs to take it to him hard in the post when he's matched up by him.

-Finish strong. We lost the game in the last quarter as we'd done several times before. The team must keep focus and execute strongly down the stretch, making sure our bigs (especially Simpson) are taking the majority of the shots.

-Get some help from the guards. Last game DJ and DS hit 11/24, Herbert,Ng and Warren hit 4/25. Warren mus be a distributor first and not jack up bad shots. He shot 2-13 last time (1-9 on threes).

-Get something, anything, from Helliwell. Drew 3 fouls in 9 minutes last time but gave us a different look and caused some problems for them. A solid 15-18 minutes full of screens, rebounds and fouls would be very useful.

That's what we need to fix, here's what we need to watch and make sure we execute.

-Watch Wilson. He scored 16 and was solid but only got 1 assist and shot at 35%. Is a smart player and is capable of much more carnage. I think he'll be wanting to improve on his last effort here.

-Mix up the D. I'd like to see a Herbert/Creek backcourt for a few minutes and see what effect they have on clamping down on their backcourt duo. Should restrict them on offense and would be interesting to see how they work together running our offense.

-Go hard when they are running their second unit. The Cairns bench is offensively challenged, so we must go hard at them when they have 2-3 bench guys on. Critical we have the right balance on when their imports are resting.

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