The Pressure Mounts................

Tonight Adelaide takes on Townsville in Townsville. The timing couldn't be worse. It will be the team's second game in 4 days, it's making one of the longest trips on offer, the Suns are pretty much back at full strength and Adelaide is in a major slump on a 3 game losing streak. Oh, and Boti Nagy wrote one his fiercest pieces today about the coaches (read it here).

One of the comforts will be that the team's best 3 wins have all come away from home, where the negativity and frustration in the crowd has been palpable. The two wins at home were not unexpected, playing the Tigers in their second game in 24hrs and the lowly Hawks.

A win will be extremely difficult and no-one will be tipping Adelaide. The team must put in a hard-fought effort and execute some sort of game plan. An honourable loss will be accepted, a blowout will see the pressure reach a breaking point. Considering all that's at stake, I think the coaches need to mix it up. If he plays the youth and changes some things at least he'll be seen as doing something. I'd try this.........

Starters- Daly, Creek, Weigh, Simpson, Johnson
I'm not convinced Daly will be a long-term NBL player but give him a go. I was impressed in Sunday's game with his one field goal scored on Jamar Wilson. He basically brought the ball up on Wilson with a steady combination of crossovers, then worked into the key and pulled up for an easy jumper. He identified Wilson's weakness and scored easily. Give him 30 minutes and see what he does. Tell Warren he wants to take the pressure off him and mix it up and bring him off the bench for his scoring. Depending on how the team starts either bring him on for Daly or give him a few minutes at SG (his preferred position) and see if Townsville punish us or not.

Throw Helliwell into it against Schenscher and use him and Simpson to rough him up. When Johnson is on him he should draw him outside with some long range shooting (he's shooting 50% on the three). When Ng is on run some plays for him. Use Herbert to contain Gill, Mims or Crawford if they gets going.

Fans are calling for blood and Clarke has little to gain by trotting out the same game plan and rotations. We know he's undermanned but the same issues keep being raised by the fans.............

-Under use of Simpson
-Minutes given to Weigh (although this was justified last week)
-Poor use of Ng
-Lack of opportunities for Daly

Trying something different, especially when it involves using the local players will probably give him some reprieve but patience is running out. If nothing changes tonight and a blowout occurs, put your money on something big changing during the week.

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