Players Poll Results

This week the NBL released it's "Player's Poll" results, so I thought I'd comment on the categories the36ers featured in.

Who is the best shooter in the league?
Darren Ng (21%), Andrew Warren (16%), Kevin Lisch (14%)

"Most dangerous when on" perhaps but he's hitting at 37% this year.  I'd go with Lisch.

Who is the best passer in the league?
Cedric Jackson (16%), Nathan Crosswell & Eddie Gill (12%)

Crosswell was one of the leading assists men before going down and is good. I'd probably go for Gill though.

Who is the best sixth man in the league?
Dillon Boucher (16%), Daniel Dillon & Dusty Rychart & Adam Ballinger (Tied 13%)

Talent wise it would have to be "Balls", but he wasn't a massive spark this year. Boucher's versatility and hustle makes him a  good pick

Who is the toughest player to guard in the paint?
Julian Khazzouh (62%), Luke Schenscher & Diamon Simpson (Tied 7%)

36ers team and fans would agree with Khazzouh.

Who is the toughest player to guard on the perimeter?
Kevin Lisch (31%), Patty Mills & Chris Warren (Tied 12%)

Has to be Mills, especially from what I saw when he visited us last year.

Who is the most versatile player in the NBL (talented in multiple positions)?
Mark Worthington (19%), Cam Tovey (17%), Stephen Weigh (14%),

I'd go with Wortho too.

Which current player constantly improves themselves the most, year in year out?
Daniel Johnson (10%), Cam Tovey & Mika Vukona (8%)

DJ's 3yr chart is pretty good. Agree.

Which team has the most knowledgeable fans in the league (other than your own)?
Perth (34%), Adelaide (30%), Melbourne (19%)

Haven't been too Perth so I'll trust the players. Adelaide loses pts for fans freaking out everytime the shot clock gets under 10 and going "ooohhhh" when a halfcourt heave gets within 3 metres of the basket.

Some other responses that caught me eye..........

Which current coach (other than your own) would you most like to play for?
Gordie McLeod (44%), Joey Wright (20%), Andrej Lemanis (10%)

McLeod coaches the bottom team in the league but obviously many locals played under him at some point plus he's well known as a players coach. Wright is pretty intense, I guess some players go for that too.
Which is the toughest venue to play in (other than your own)?
Perth (69%), Cairns (12%), New Zealand (10%)

I guess players are basing this on the travel factor as well as the team that they have to play there. Venue-wise Adelaide used to always feature here, I guess playing the team based here  though is fun these days

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