Marty Clark thoughts from today's Advertiser article (22/1/12)

A few interesting comments from Marty Clark in today's piece from The Advertiser (read here)

-Stephen Weigh is starting on Andrew Warren. I would have started Creek on him, although if Weigh is given a task of trying to shut a player down and to not worry too much about his offensive contribution that might be a good thing.

-Quote: "Chris (Warren) is about his ability to lead the team and make shots from three when he needs to". If that's true he needs to take far less threes (ie 5-6) and focus on creating open looks for the shooters and getting the ball in the favoured spots of the bigs. Interestingly, Warren's return from games where he's shot 6 or less 3's are 3/6, 4/6, 2/5 and 2/5, equating to a very respectable 11/22. On the surface it appears when he's struggling to score he tries to shoot his way out of it from the 3pt line rather than taking it inside. A return of around 12pts with 2 threes, 5 assists and 2 steals would be good.

The coach also believes the team can improve on last year's W-L record and perhaps even make the playoffs. Will be a tough ask but a win today is a must.

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