This season the 36ers are giving up a league worst 91pts per game. That's putrid for a 40minute game. Here's how the rest of the league fares:

Cairns (74.5)
NZ (77.6)
Perth (79.3)

Melbourne (80.7)
Townsville (81.8)
Woolongong (83.7)
Gold Coast (84.8)
Sydney (88.5)

Turns out maybe that guy who said "Defence wins championships" was right. The best 5 defensive teams make up the Top 5. The Top 5 offensive teams are (in order) Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, New Zealand and Sydney, giving weight to the theory that trying to outscore the opposition doesn't work.

If you look at points differential it becomes clear Perth and NZ are way ahead of everyone else. Perth are +8.8 and NZ are +7.4. Next closest is Gold Coast with +1. Adelaide has the 3rd worst differential of -4.4, besting only Sydney at -4.7 and Woolongong at -9.1. This tells us the majority of our problems are at the defensive end. In my opinion our best stopping team is

PG- Warren (someone has to bring the ball up)
SG- Herbert
SF- Creek
PF- Johnson
C- Helliwell

I'm not sure how often that combo has taken the floor together but it would be interesting to see if they could puts the clamps ona team putting together a run. I'd love to see this unit try a press with Warren and Herbert up front, Creek roaming, Simpson at half-court and Helliwell back to clobber anyone who does get through. What is clear is that Warren,Ng,Weigh and Johnson should not be on the floor at the same time.

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