The Crosswell Effect

In yesterdays blog I showed Chris Warren's stats without and without Nathan Crosswell in the lineup. For interests sake, here's how the other starters plus Darren Ng fare.


With Crosswell- 16.1pts, 63fg%
Without Crosswell- 13.9pts, 55fg%

Comments: Probably not getting quite as many entry passes and fast breaks etc without Crosswell. 13.9pts at 55% is good, but 16.1 at 63% is a noticeable jump.

With Crosswell- 17.1pts, 52 fg%
Without Crosswell- 15.6pts, 48 fg%

Comments: Points and FG% down slightly, but probably the least affected as court time not affected and creates a lot of his own shots.

With Crosswell- 4.9pts, 41fg%, 12.5min
Without Crosswell- 5.9pts, 44fg%, 17.5min

Comments: Getting an extra 5 minutes a game with Crosswell out of the lineup. Scoring up as expected. FG% slightly up, thanks largely to the 7-9 game in Woolongong which skews it a bit.


With Crosswell- 12.8pts, 39fg%, 41 3pt%
Without Crosswell- 10.5pts, 38fg%, 31 3pts

Comments:  Weigh got injured around the same time Crossy got hurt so hard to "weigh" it all up but numbers shows scoring is down and 3pt% has dropped badly. Clearly impacted.


With Crosswell- 5.8pts, 43fg%, 36 3pt%, 12.4min
Without Crosswell- 5.5pts, 33fg%, 40 3pt%, 15.9min

Comments: Getting a few more minutes with Crosswell out, but scoring and FG% down. Probably not getting as many open looks.

Don't think a good point man is worth his weight in gold? The 36ers prove the value of a good one. With Crosswell out all 4 starters (Simpson, Johnson, Weigh,Warren) are scoring less and shooting worse %'s. Surpising the difference one veteran, team-first PG can make.

In yesterday's blog I mentioned the following stats for Chris Warren

With Crosswell- 16.9pts, 45fg%, 41 3pt%, 3.6ast
Without Crosswell- 12.8pts, 30fg%, 26 3pt%, 2.7ast

They are in fact

With Crosswell- 16.3pts, 46fg%, 42 3pt%, 3.9ast
Without Crosswell- 14.5pts, 35fg%, 31 3pt%, 2.7ast

Still show he clearly is taking worse shots and not getting as many easy looks

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