23:35. That's how many minutes a game Diamon Simpson has averaged for the 36ers this year. For a guy amongst the league leaders in FG% and rebounds, that seems a little low.. When coach Marty Clarke was questioned on this by Jai Bednall in yesterday's story in The Advertiser (you can read it here) , he said.............

"He's a short-burst athlete - get him off, get him recovered, get him back in," Clarke said. "I wouldn't think he's a 30-minute-a-game player."

That doesn't seem right to me. Sure, we all saw him struggle early on when after 4-5 minutes you could see he was struggling to breath, but I think his endurance seems to have been improving. Let's look at some of his recent seasons to see how other teams have used him.

St Mary's 2008-2009
32.7 minutes per game (40 max)
Per 40 min stats: 16.6pts, 13.1 rebounds

Alaska 2009-2010
41.5 minutes per game (48 max)
Per 40 min stats: 24.1pts, 15.8 rebounds

LA D-Fenders 2009-2010
32.7 minutes per game (48 max)
Per 40 min stats: 19.4pts, 12 rebounds

Adelaide 36ers 2011-2012
23.35 minutes per game (max 40)
Per 40min stats: 24.2 pts, 14 rebounds

So on most teams the coaches have elected to play him at least 75% of the game, yet here Clarke thinks he's essentially only good for 1 half of basketball. Simpson is an elite inside scorer and rebounder and on this team should be playing a minimum of 30mins a game. I hope he's working on developing his outside game and jump shot with Mark Davis, who came into the league as an inside bully but eventually developed a nice jumper and 3pt shot. The biggest deficiency with his game is his jump shot and if he develops this he'll be an even bigger handful.

Please Marty, let him play! Simpson has not been getting many 4th quarter minutes and is often rested for long stretches over the 1st and 2nd quarters. He's only registered 2 games with over 30mins of court time. The quote leads me to believe he's got Diamon pencilled in for around 25mins a game at PF and Weigh for 10-12 mins at PF (with a few extra minutes for Johnson when Helliwell is on with him) and that does not show much flexibility to go with the flow of the game.

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