Where to now?

Today the team announced both Adam Ballinger and Nathan Crosswell will miss the rest of the season due to injury. This leaves the team without...........

-It's captain and vice-captain (and from what I can see any true leadership)
-It's only true and experienced point guard
-Last year's MVP

Unfortunately there's not a lot left in the cupboard, so the team needs to do something. It's options are.........

OPTION 1- Play it safe and hope everyone cuts the team some slack due to the injuries
This would lead to us trotting out the following team

PG- Warren
SG- Herbert
SF- Weigh
PF- Simpson

Bench- Creek, Ng, Daly, Helliwell, Warbout

That team will struggle against most teams and may steal 2-3 wins at best. Only 1 other ball handler (Daly) and 1 ready big (Helliwell). Not good.

OPTION 2- Bring in some legit Aussies
As Ballinger is a "10", the team could bring in 1-2 decent Aussies. The list below doesn't include guys who'd be highly unlikely to return (ie Nielsen, Andersen) but the team should do due dilligence and see if any of these guys would like to, or can be persuaded to, come home. Depending on availability they could perhaps lure .....

Neil Mottram
Aleks Maric
David Barlow
Andrew Ogilvy
Rhys Carter
Steven Markovic
Nathan Jawai

Other serviceable,experienced players could include.......

Mark Dickel
Luke Kendall
Pero Vasilijevic
Ben Knight
Brad Williamson
Daniel Joyce

OPTION 3- Blow it up
My preferred option. Balls and Crossy were 2 players who came into the season with one role but ended up playing a different one. Ballinger was supposed to be a starter and one of our main weapons. Crosswell was supposed to be our back up PG but ended up starting, mainly due to Warren not being quite what he was brought into be. Out of crisis comes opportunity, so here's what I'd do.

1) Release Chris Warren. He's had some good games but isn't quite as advertised. I'd let him go and bring in a true, pass-first American PG with leadership and experience. We'll know in the next 2 weeks what the NBA rosters will be and there will be plenty of guys left. Ideally one who's 6"3-6"5.

2) Get a veteran Aussie big with some smarts who can provide leadership, play some tough D and hit some shots.

PG- Import
SG- Creek
SF- Weigh
PF- Simpson
C- Johnson

Backup Bigs- Veteran Guy, Helliwell
Backup Guards- Herbert, Ng, Daly

Play the imports for 32-34 minutes, get Creek to play some SG and SF, use Ng when Creek goes to SF, use Helliwell and Veteran Guy as pure backups (no more than 20min total) , Herbert for certain matchups and Daly to spell the PG.

Management needs to decide soon if it accepts the famous 3 year plan and if this coaching staff will be back next year. Ballinger and Crosswell will be 33 next year too and a tough call may need to be made on one or both of them. I assume there'll be some serious talks going on this week and the above plus the following will need to be reviewed....

-Stephen Weigh's minutes
-Mitch Creek's opportunities
-The point guard situation
-The plan for the rest of the season
-Who will provide oncourt leadership
-The crowds


  1. i know you never want anyone to get injured, but i think this may be a bit of a godsend for the sixers. too many rotations was what was killing them in the games i've seen and this should hamper the coach's overenthusiasm for calling subs. This should ensure simpson gets 35mins a game. i think if we bring in a veteran big the coach won't be able to help himself and keep simpson on the bench. I agree that warren isn't an ideal PG, would be much better if he played SG. from the small amount i've seen daly i've liked. i'd throw him the starting pg role, move warren to sg and go from there.

    That's my 2 cents.

  2. The injuries should bring some things to a head, but I'm pretty sure the team will play it safe unfortunately. Boti's piece this morning suggested they won't do anything bold.

  3. Who would you want to replace balls and crosswell from your list? Neil Mottram or Pero for balls and carter, joyce or Dickel for crosswell?

  4. Hi Jeremy

    Hard to say, not sure of Pero's status but Mottram would be worth giving a go. Carter probably best fit for Crosswell as he knows the system but he's more of a SG than PG. All depends on what their plans are for Warren. I just don't think Daly is up to anything more than spot minutes at this stage.


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