Review: 36ers v Hawks

It was the battle of the cellar dwellars tonight and many 36ers fans didn't see reason why we couldn't get over the just-as-lowly Hawks. Countering that would be the fact it looked like a crowd of well under 4000 but there was no doubt there was some anticipation in the air.Adelaide last won on Dec 4 v Perth and it had been a month since Woolongong stunned the Breakers on Nov 11.

The 36ers started with the predicted lineup if Warren/Creek/Weigh/Simpson/Johnson and after a scoreless few minutes soon got rolling. Their D was ok initially but the Hawks were struggling to hit anything. Johnson and Simpson started piling up the points and by the end of the quarter had accounted for 22 of Adelaide's 26pts. DJ was hitting from inside and out and was making up for some of his poor work at the other end. Adelaide ran 9 players through the first for some reason but finished the quarter up 26-14.

Things changed in the 2nd with Adelaide relying more on it's guards for points and dropping off on the other end, thangs largely to going to a zone, mainly to try to counter the dominance of Catron. Catron was a handful and Adelaide did what it could to contain him as no-one else was really helping him out. Examples would be Oscar (1/7) Forman and Larry (1/5) Davidson.

The team came out hard in the 3rd, playing much better D thanks largely to the efforts of Simpson and Herbert and again looking for the bigs but also hitting the 3's on offer. Woolongong couldn't hit anything and were rudderless, scoring 10pts to Adelaide's 25 for the quarter.

The Hawks outscored Adelaide 20-16 in the 4th, due mainly to Adelaide running the bench and some uncertain ball movement. A few of our guys were sloppy on D again (including Simpson), with Catron again proving a tough match-up. In the end though Adelaide did enough on offense to secure a comfortable 87-63 win.

Random Thoughts..............

-I wasn't a huge fan of starting Creek and Weigh and I don't think they worked great on the floor together. Creek had a rough night from the floor, airballing two triples badly and not finishing some tough attempts around the hoop. They surprisingly played about the same amount of minutes. Weigh shot 33% and Creek 11% but Weigh hit 5/6 free throws. Creek contributed though mightily on D and gave them trouble.

-The Hawks were bad. Sav and Campbell are well past their prime but Campbell can at least still hit the occasional 3. Sav contributed 4pts and 7 boards, Campbell 8 and 1 dime. Larry Davidson and Oscar Forman also had stinkers and these guys often cause us headaches. Their starters combined for 23pts...that's appaling. Catron was fantastic getting 19 and 11 in 26 minutes. Glover was poor and Demos and Martin also gave little from the guard positions.

Weigh- hit his free throws but did little else. His D was poor and doesn't do enough without the ball. 4/10

Herbert- played some good D and was our second leading rebounder with 7. Hit 2/3 from the field. A nice contribution. 6/10

Daly- 5pts and 2 assists in 11 minutes. Did one or two nice things but had a poor 4th quarter when given the ball. Still needs some work. 2/10

Simpson- 22 and 10 in 25 minutes. 11/14 from the field, doesn't take bad shots (technically you can't count free throws as he's forced to take them). Had some nice followups and worked hard as usual. 8/10

Ng- 2/8 for 6pts and 4 boards. Did some 1%'ers but struggled with his shot and on certain matchups. Needed more from him. 4/10

Warren- 12 and 5 is a quiet game. Tried to be more of a passer and was selective with his shots. Had a breathtaking explosion to the hoop in the 4th to show what quickness he does possess. 5.5/10

Warbout- yep, he played. Didn't trouble the stats men and didn't show much to warrant a starting role. 0/10

Helliwell- set some nice picks but not much else. 3pts, 3 boards, 3 turnovers. Meh. 2/10.

Creek- awful shooting night but battled hard and played some great D, highlighted by a great steal and dunk in the backcourt. Didn't want to shoot from outside and several times showed why when he caved in to fan pressure and took the open 3. 3 steals, 3pts and 4 boards and some 1%'ers. 4.5/10

Johnson- incredible first quarter (on offense at least) with 14. D was another story, with him several times making terrible decisions,luckily not always being penalised. Finished the game strong and totalled 21 and 6 in 25 minutes. 7/10

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  1. was a bit of a nothing game, probably the game they needed to have a good confidence booster for them to play under little to no REAL pressure and get the W... was a good game to get some minutes into some of the players... confidence is still abit of an issue for creek, weigh, warren and Daly... Daly has the mould of the next Brett Maher under the right circumstances obviously... All will be better for the run. Simpson must go to the Shaq school of free throw shooting! ;) still cant see us making the top four but stranger things have happened... we at best will compete with sydney, tvl, cairns, melbourne for the 4th spot. with my top 3 being Breakers, Wildcats and Blaze. Hawks will finish last.


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