Review: 36ers v Breakers

Another rough loss for the 36ers today after a very promising start.

The team started well, racing to a 16-6 lead behind some great ball movement and solid D. Unfortunately before too long the team stop working it inside and the Breakers forced us into some tougher shots. We led by 1 at the half but everything unravelled in the second. Strangely we started Herbert over Weigh in he 3rd, suggesting we wanted to lift the temp on D. Weigh was soon back on though when Crosswell had a nasty fall (later discovered to be a torn achilles). This seemed to jolt Weigh who scored a few times on some hard work. Our offense fell apart though with Crosswell off, this being compounded by Warren having to sit with foul trouble and the team being unable or unwilling to work it inside. We scored only 15 for the quarter.

The 4th was no better with us scoring only 13 and clearly looking flat. We took several shots right before the 24 second shot clock expired and were not getting the ball to the right guys. Warren scored 3 in the 2nd half and Johnson 7. The crowd wasn't happy with what it was seeing and there was a very tangable negative energy in the crowd.

Besides the offense falling apart, our D was woeful, especially in the 2nd half where our guys kept incorrectly rotating off picks and allowing Wilkinson plenty of room. Wilkinson finished with 30 on 13/19 shooting. The scouting on Wilkinson was poor, he killed us last time we played them and our best hope was to play him tight and work him hard on D. DJ had his measure but rarely got the ball in the post to make him work. With no CJ and Abercrombie having a shocker, it's puzzling how we didn't change our strategy to focus in on him. Take out Wilkinson and Pledger and the rest of the team shot 16-50. Troubling.

Here's my player reviews...........

Weigh- 32 minutes. 4/15 shooting for 8pts and 5 boards. This isn't even funny anymore. Had 1 nice little patch in the 3rd but is in a ditch at the moment. The team should bench for Creek to shake things up, there's nothing to lose by trying it. 4/10

Herbert- Played some solid D, especially on Abercrombie but was 1/5 from the field. We needed more from him. 4/10

Tom Daly- Got some time due to the backcourt issues. Besides a nice little pullup did little. 2/10

Diamon Simpson- 16 and 8 in 30 minutes, should have probablly played more but his 2nd half was average. 6/10

Darren Ng-They didn't give him much room, we didn't help him. Only got off 2 shots in his 13 minutes, the score coming off a last second jacked up three. 2/10

Wade Helliwell- Had some moments but we need more than 2 boards and no blocks in 13 minutes. 3/10

Chris Warren- 16pts on 5/12 shooting. Struggled in the 2nd half. With Crosswell going down he either needs to take on the PG role with some aggression (ie working harder to free up for the inbounds pass). 0 assist and 4 turnovers in 30 minutes.

Nathan Crosswell- Team was flattened when he went down and missed his passing. Had 4 assists and 4 boards in first half before being struck down. 4/10

Daniel Johnson- 17 and 5 with 3 blocks on 7/13 shooting. If his coach drew up some plays for him v Wilkinson and Pledger and his team mates looked for him could have had a 30/10 game and we might have been in front at the end of the day. 6.5/10

Mitch Creek- I'll keep bringing it up. He got 4 and 2 in 10 minutes. Creek got 8 and 5 in triple the amount of time. One day someone will realise this. Plus he won't jack up 15 shots a game. 3/10

Tomorrow: How to salvage the season

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