From the scores and updates seemed like tonight's game was a classic. Looking forward to Boti Nagy's piece tomorrow, hopefully he tells it like it was. A few questions that need to be asked (and some thoughts)...

-Ballinger only 3 minutes? Must have got injured or sat for Helliwell instead. I did mention in my previous blog these two would have a role to play. Big lift in minutes for Wade so he must have been doing something right. Will be interesting to find out what happened. Clarke to be commended if he sat him because DJ, Heliwell and Simpson were playing well.

-35 minutes for Weigh? 12 pts, 8 boards. Mitch Creek got 7 and 4 in 8 minutes. Just saying......

-7pts and 0 assists on 2/8 shooting from our backcourt subs in 27 minutes. Not a big help. Luke Martin scored more on his own in less minutes.

-0 boards and blocks from Wade in 27 minutes. He sure must have boxed out well.

-Simpson 28 out of a possible 45 minutes?

-FT count 22 to 35. Interesting.

In the end Bruce and Khazzouh were obviously too much.Looks like our bigs scored well but couldn't contain Khazzouh yet again. AT least we have a home game next..........Uh oh.



  2. Yep. We kept Herbert and got in Crosswell and let him go. In hindsight.........


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