****Last night I went and saw "Moneyball", so this inspired the movie this post has an economics theme

I'm listening to the game live via radio tonight and following Fiba's live stats. One of my concerns about the team tonight and the season in general is the frontcourt minutes distribution. In short, I think Weigh is getting too many and Diamon not enough (although admittedly sometimes he gets himself in foul trouble).

Let's look at the minutes to the half................

So far tonight (to the half), Weigh has played 17 and Simpson 12. DJ racked up 12, Ballinger played 11, Helliwell 4 and Creek 4. That adds up to 60 minutes (3 frontcourt spots, 20 minutes per spot to halftime).

This breaks down to the following

Weigh's gametime 85%
Simpson 60%
DJ 60%
Ballinger 55%
Helliwell 20%
Creek 20%

You could safely say purely by the numbers Weigh has played too much, Simpson and DJ not enough, Ballinger pretty right considering where he's at, Helliwell too much and Creek a little low. Simpson and DJ are currently our best two frontcourt scorers and only playing them 60% of the time means we're not utilising them enough. Weigh is leading the team in minutes at but is only our 4th best scorer and is 3rd in assists and boards per game. Let's see how the minutes end up being distributed and what the result is before making final comments...........

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