Minutes Pt 2

Great win by the 36ers, so perhaps all I wrote before can be scrapped because they won. Some things to consider though..........

2011 YTD
Simpson 28pts and 18boards/per 40min
Warren 20pts and 4 assists/per 40min
Weigh 15pts and 7boards/per 40min
Johnson 21pts and 11boards/per 40min
Ballinger 12pts and 9 boards/per 40min

*Summary: Johnson and Simpson should be playing lots! Warren and Weigh's numbers aren't very exciting

These numbers show on averages what the guys would have scored if they played 40 tonight (in theory, yes I get a lot of things can affect this ie fouls, game changes, if someone got hit in the head by a bottle etc)

Simpson 34pts and 15 boards
Warren 26pts and 8 assists
Weigh 16pts and 1 rebound
Johnson 16pts and 14 boards
Ballinger 4pts and 8 boards

*Summary: Johnson and Simpson should have still played more. Johnson played 29 and Simpson 26 and neither of them had foul trouble etc. Ballinger played 20, Weigh 28 and Warren 31. Luckily we got away with the court time given to Balls tonight and hopefully he's better for the run.

So what should we "tinker" with during the rest of the season? Here's 3 ideas.....

1/ Adjust Weigh's minutes. Weigh "only" played 28 minutes tonight, his lowest for the year. As shown above, his numbers aren't breathtaking and it's not like he's shutting down guys on D or doing lots of 1%'ers ( we won't mention his 5 turnovers tonight either). I'm not suggesting inserting Ballinger for him as I don't think that lineup will work but I do think we should use Creek as his primary backup when he's not firing. The numbers don't lie, Creeks's "per 40" numbers are 17 and 7- actually right around Weigh's but he gives a slightly different look as he's more athletic and won't jack up 3's. So if we run Simpson, Johnson and Balls through the 4 and 5 spot and primarily run Weigh and Creek at the 3, we have a nice little roation where everyone has a clear role.

2/ Let Simpson play. His numbers don't lie, he needs to be playing around 35 a game so we're getting all we can out of him. Ballinger is still struggling and it's time to drop his minutes and let DJ and Simpson get their due and for Balls to be their backup- for now. He's a club legend but now's not the time for Marty to be playing Mr U12 coach. I understand they need to give him minutes to run him back into form and fitness but the season is fading fast and we've gotta play the right guys. He'll get his chances through fouls, injuries etc.

3/ Sort out Herbie. "Herbie" has played a huge role in our last 2 wins. Tonight he scored 13 in 14 minutes (then fouled out). Assuming we don't change our lineup, Herbert in my eyes is the key bench guy. Clarke needs him to play 12-18 mins a game backing up Crosswell and Warren and to hit his 3's and play hard D on the opposition's key backourt scorer. He was huge in the Melbourne game (a surprise win) and massive again tonight (in another upset). With Herbert having a clear role and Ng given the green light to shoot when he's on, the backcourt have clear roles and can work as a unit.

This season is salvageable- get this right 36ers and watch the W's come.

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