How to beat the Kings

I know this is coming a few games late, but here's some tips to beat the Kings (logically though if Perth is any evidence we'll beat them over there).

1/ Stop Khazzouh
Obviously. We need to throw some bodies at him on D and Ballinger and Heliwell could play key roles in this game. Ballinger can take care of him in the post but we need to make surewe aren't so focused on him we give up offensive boards (see "Overtime" of the Nov 12 game). If need be, we should use Heliwell's fouls/skills also. On offense we need to get DJ to mix it up to try to get him in foul trouble early. There's not much backing him up. Ballinger can draw him out also which will help clear inside for Diamon and co. Without contradicting my last blog, Ballinger could play a key role against this team as Khazzouh is so critical to them winning or losing. If Balls can get some stops on D and draw him outside a little, our job will be that much easier. Balls and Helliwell should get as many minutes as is dictated to them by DJ's play.

2/ Box out, then rebound
Simpson will have his hands full boxing out Grant so Weigh and the guards have to be giving great support making sure no cutters get in for easy putbacks.

3/ Stop Bruce
Has a point to prove against us and has averaged 18pts over the 2 games. Besides stopping his scoring we must ensure he doesn't get his shooters too involved. Herbert should get some time on him and Creek also as AB is physically superior to Warren and Crosswell.

4/ Give the bigs the ball
DJ scored 25 against them last time and Simpson scored 10 on 5/6FG in 18 minutes. We need to give these guys lots of looks early.

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  1. Post-mortem

    1/ Fail. Had a 20/20 game.

    2/ Fail. 41/35. Shame Heliwell didn't get at least 1.

    3/ Fail. 24pts, 5 assists.

    4/ Pass. DJ and Simpson had their way again. They hit 18/29 shots between them. Weigh and Warren had 29 between them too, except they only hit 10 of them.


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